Vintage Hobbies That Are Trendy Again

In his novel “99 Francs”, Frederic Beigbeder said that every person needs a hobby. The brain is a stubborn gray matter that needs entertainment, rest and does not like to solve problems on its own. An interesting occupation is the best way to relax, raise your IQ, and realize your talents.

A pause for the hobby creates eustress – favorable stress, which improves the body’s physical and mental parameters and helps it adapt to stress factors. Of course, you cannot just choose an occupation from the list and start doing it, if you do not like it. This scheme does not work this way. But you can always look back and think of a hobby you will like. In order to help you, we have collected a few forgotten things, which are getting trendy again.

1. Gardening

The fashion for slow food and unity with nature makes gardening a popular hobby. This activity motivates you to eat more vegetables and increases physical activity, during which you get your daily dose of vitamin D. If you do not have open space, even interior gardening in the apartment is an excellent means to relieve stress. Hypermarkets offer convenient kits with land, fertilizers, and seeds in order to help you start a new occupation without special preparations and skills.

2. Fairs

We can easily cook a frozen lunch in a microwave for two minutes, but we completely forget our grandparents’ habits of looking for natural ingredients. Fortunately, farmers’ markets have returned to become a new trend.

3. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is very different nowadays from what ancestors used in their letters, but modern styles are equally impressive. The art of beautiful writing is a pleasant hobby that is useful for mental health because it requires full concentration for improving the skills.

4. Watercolor

Professional artists revived this art with new patterns and perspectives. Increased attention to precision and details required for this form of art reduces anxiety and increases the ability to concentrate.

5. Embroidery

If you are not ready for large-scale projects or if you want to try something other than knitting, think about embroidery. This old-fashioned hobby can be modernized if you select the desired sketch.

6. Baking

Millennials have discovered the opportunities that bakery offers: from intricate wafers to unusual cakes. You can always find your inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. The results of this work are pleasant to share with relatives or subscribers.

7. Photo and video recording

Real video adepts like the old school, so they use the 35 mm film, Polaroid and other similar techniques. You can find updated vintage cameras in photo shops, on the Internet or at flea markets, which are the cornerstone of vintage culture. Film cameras need care for every frame. Working with them, you need to think about the setting and seek the right light because every spoiled frame will cost money. Many photographers use this feature as a challenge and shoot so that each of the 24 frames is ideal.

8. Floristics

The art of creating bouquets is more than fashionable! You can easily find peonies posing for your friends’ social networks. Floristics will allow you to appreciate how fragile nature is, and the beautiful picture of roses in blossom and their delicious smell will improve your mood.

9. Pottery

Ceramic products can be seen in all glossy publications about the interior. In 2015, the Vogue magazine devoted a whole section to the amazing art of pottery and told about famous ceramists. People all over the world find the beauty in handicraft imperfections and create new directions, inspired by the works in the Japanese style or classical gzhel. By the way, pottery production is successfully combined with the first item on our list.