Top 6 Brain Boosting Games

We started on our growing-up adventure playing games without realizing the deep significance games possess in our life. Back then we thought games are pure fun created for children; now we know different. Games are with us for good, they are far more than just amusement: they stand for development, help us maintain the agility and concentration abilities of the mind, and thus stave off unpleasant mental complications in the old age.


If we have some spare time and think what is there exciting enough to take up, here’s a list of time-honored games to choose from – whether you prefer planning like in chess or lucky-intuitive ones like bingo.


Chess, one of the oldest and most venerable of games – a wide field for exercising and honing strategic and tactic talents, great for developing analytical thinking. The only drawback – somehow it came to be regarded as a predominantly masculine game. Pity, that, but maybe it can be changed?


Backgammon is where brain meets luck – and a joy of tossing! These counters take your mind off things as effectively as an action movie. A quicker and brighter entertainment, get out your dice!


Poker brings in a strong psychological touch, you have to put in strong concentration and understanding of your opponents. Winnings (and money) are achieved through intuiting what the other fellows have – a quality you may need in other situations as well.


Bingo can be played without much calculation, of course, but, on the other hand, scientifically (and, again, with benefit for your budget). No male domination here, by the way, you can step in and show your prowess disregarding. Very democratic!


Scrabble – no chances here, only your knowledge of the language. Rack your brain for long words, shake the dust off your college dictionaries – and soon you’ll find that people begin to call you eloquent.


Sudoku is great for concentration, attention, logical thinking. Ever wanted to hitch up your IQ in the most entertaining way? Here’s your chance.

Fun, development and – probably – a few extra dollars. Worth your attention, right?

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