Security Essentials – 5 Things Every Modern Home Should Have to Be Truly Safe

Crime might be going down in some countries, but it’s skyrocketing in others. Those who previously felt safe in their own homes may now be scrambling for ways in which to secure their fortress and protect their family. Fortunately, technology is on your side, and there are many ways in which to do so with the most advanced systems yet. Here are five digital additions every modern home should now have:

Smart Door Locks

Technology is changing the way we live our everyday lives, so it’s only natural that it would begin to alter our homes, as well. Take the humble lock and key, for example. While nothing will take away from the ease of such a system, smart door locks are offering a safer, more intelligent alternative.

Instead of using a key as the primary entry method, you can gain access to your home with a keypad. You can even change the code from your smartphone or allow single-time access for visitors. It doesn’t get much more convenient and safer than that.

Security Cameras

When you go to work, on holiday, or out of town for a few days, your home will spring into your mind more often than not. Is everything okay there? Has the neighbor remembered to get my mail? Have I left anything out that someone could steal? Security cameras can offer unparalleled peace of mind in a world of crime.

The beauty of today’s security cameras, too, is that you can view them from your mobile devices. You can know at all times of the day and night whether your property is safe and secure in your absence.

Home Alarm Systems

Property crimes may have fallen in the United States, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. As of 2018, there were over 100 property crimes per 1,000 households. That’s concerning if you don’t have a form of property protection. Every modern home should have a home alarm system.

You can set it while you’re in the house or when you leave, and an alarm goes off when someone tries to break in or enter without inputting the code. Some insurance companies also provide favorable policies for homeowners with home alarm systems.

Digital Gate Locks

Sometimes, it’s not enough to have a smart lock on your door. You may also need something for your gate, as well. Wouldn’t it be far more convenient to stop burglars from even stepping foot onto your property in the first place?

Digital gate locks have keypads that go on each side of your gate, allowing access from both sides. You can lock these at night with peace of mind that no sane burglar will waste time trying to guess one of over 16,000 possible lock combinations.

Digital Safe

There once was a time where you could leave your jewelry out in the open in your home, along with your life savings. Those times have been and gone. Now, you must store everything out of sight and hope that no one will break in and take it. That’s why owning a digital safe is a must-have addition to every home. You can rest easy that whatever you put in there is safe from burglars as well as fires.

Every homeowner should feel safe on their own property. If you want to protect your family and home in as many ways as possible, then consider any or all of these five home additions above. Everything from a smart door lock to a home alarm system can offer much-needed peace of mind.

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