Choosing The Right Car For Your Family’s Future

With car sales averaging around 17.5 million each year in the US, cars are one of the things that you are guaranteed to change throughout your life. A car is a big investment for anyone and one that will last for a number of years, which makes it all that more important to not just choose a model you like the look of but actually plan ahead for it. The decision you make is not just important for now, but you need to consider the future too.

Choosing A Family Car

For most people, their growing family has a huge influence on which car they choose to buy. An important factor that is likely to make new or future parents think about getting a new car is its size. When it’s just the two of you, a small compact car is fine. But when you add a baby into the equation, the car starts to quickly fill up. Babies come with a lot of added extras such as toys, diaper bags, strollers, and even portable playpens. Your baby’s rear-facing car seat should be easy to get to and there is enough space between the seats to easily get them in and out of their car seat. A midsize wagon or compact SUV offers an ideal solution for families with only one or two children. But if for instance you have three children and enjoy the outdoor life, then perhaps a crew-cab pickup would be a great choice. However, more than three kids and you might just need to head straight for a minivan.

Considerations As Your Children Grow

Before you know it, your baby will grow into a toddler and you will need a car seat that is forward-facing. It’s important that you make sure space between the back and front seats are wide enough so that little legs cannot kick the back of the front seat. Even if you have just one child at the moment, keen in mind that more children could be a possibility. Therefore, you need to think about what kind of storage space is there for large items like strollers and items such as sports equipment as your children get older. Keeping things like this in mind will help you avoid having to replace your family car again too soon.

Remember safety

While you may be keen to go for a large vehicle so you have plenty of storage and space to transport your family, it’s also crucial that your family car meets all the necessary safety standards. A booklet from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) aimed at parents can help you decide just what safety features your new car should have. This includes frontal airbags, interior trunk release, automatic door locks, rearview cameras, and window switches. Ensure you keep these features in mind when looking at a car for your family and make sure you understand just why they are important for your children’s safety. The NHTSA rates cars on a star system based on crash tests with five stars being the best.

There’s more to looks when it comes to buying a family car. You need to think about passenger and storage space as your family grows, while not forgetting the most important factor and that is safety.

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