Kick Your Smoking Habit With These Alternatives

More than 50 million people in America smoke and almost 7 million more consume smokeless tobacco. These numbers, viewed with the entire world as the base, show how much of a problem smoking has become. In the U.S. more than 440,000 people succumb to ailments caused by smoking each year. This points to an urgent need to encourage safer alternatives to smoking that could prevent these deaths.

Here are few of these alternatives that you should consider.

Nicotine replacement therapies

There are many tobacco substitutes that you could embrace that will help you to quit smoking. These include nicotine gum, the patch, nicotine aerosol, Zyban, and inhaler. They help you to break free from nicotine by giving the body the nicotine it craves to have but without the harmful toxins. Nicotine replacement therapies are a form of treatment that will cheat the body to feel like you are still smoking when you are not. This is important in the initial stages as you prepare to further work on completely eliminating nicotine intake from your life.


While many people prefer to go for medical treatment, e-cigarettes are a new invention that could help one to stay out of tobacco smoking. Many people are using vaporizers to quit smoking and the nicotine content is controlled with no harmful toxins. Tobacco vape juices provide a classic smoking experience without producing smoke that usually clogs your lungs while smoking. In vaping, the juice is heated to produce a vapor instead of smoke. Vaping safeguards you from damaging your lungs and is a clean alternative to smoking. You can find juices in different flavors, which makes it easy to pick a flavor that mimics tobacco while in reality, you will have escaped the real dangers of tobacco smoking.

Drinking plenty of fluids

The reason you are unable to quit smoking is because of the cravings for nicotine. One of the solutions that have been suggested for this is taking a lot of fluids that help to promote your decision to quit smoking. Liquids help to clear toxins that have accumulated within your body over time due to smoking. The process of cleaning helps you to feel better and could decrease the cravings for nicotine.


Whenever the urge to smoke hits you, it’s advisable to hit the gym or pick your bike for a trip in the hood. Exercising pumps up your heartbeat and drives your mind away from nicotine cravings. It’s a perfect solution that helps your lungs to become healthier. However, you should not force yourself into heavy workout straight from quitting smoking. The process is gradual and you should take breaks and minutes of walking to help calm the stress.

It’s the dream of many people to finally quit smoking. This is something that you can achieve with a positive attitude. Get alternatives to smoking that will help you to calm the cravings for nicotine, which is the substance that fuels addiction to cigarette smoking. Also, try out some workout and consume plenty of liquids as they help to flush out toxins.

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