How to Take Perfect Selfies?

Few things can compare with the pleasure of admiring your look in successful photographs. Don’t you like your selfies? Perhaps you are just taking them wrong! It turns out that the burning question of “how to look great in a selfie” intrigued even the science. A very specific answer was found. Moreover, this “secret” is used by almost all the celebrities!

It is a complex craft mixed with art to take a selfie that the photographer will like. It is not surprising that science has taken up the search for the formula of an ideal selfie. It is high time they did so. Well, we must somehow explain the sudden success of all those Instragram celebrities, who do not do anything special and do not look so effective in life. It turned out that the secret really exists. Now everyone can take it into consideration.

Anukka Lindell, a neuropsychology doctor from Melbourne, revealed the secret of the perfect selfie. The researcher has started with the Isnstagram search, using the hashtag #selfie (what can be simpler than that?) She analyzed the last 10 self-portraits of random 100 men and 100 women. At this stage of the study, Dr. Lindell discovered several patterns.

Almost all the most popular selfies taken by the users with the most “likes” had something in common: the picture was taken in half turn or ¾ of a turn, with the camera facing the left side of the face. In addition, in almost every case, the subjects tilted their head slightly.

As Lindell argues, the popularity and the attractiveness of such photos can be explained scientifically. As you know, the human face is not ideally symmetric. The left side is sometimes more expressive, as we use it for more emotions. Accordingly, most people find it winning. As for the slight tilt of the head, this technique visually makes the face more slender and the cheeks smaller and removes the shadows. Pay attention to the fact that this perspective is famously used not only by most celebrities in social networks, but even by Mona Lisa executed by da Vinci. He did know something about ideal proportions!

Next time you reach out for the camera, turn your left side to it and draw the chin slightly lower. Leonardo da Vinci and his favorite Instagram celebrity would not give you bad tips!

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