How to Make Others Listen to You

It is a pleasure to listen to people who are masters of rhetoric. However, not everyone sounds that good. Someone feels shy during public appearances, someone does not know how to start a conversation or keep the conversation going; someone does not like his/her own voice and diction, etc. Larry King, the famous American TV presenter, is convinced that all of this is fixable.

700-man-woman-gossip-job-speak-tell-news-ear- shares the tips from his book “How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”, which will be your assistant on the way to the right speech.

To speak is like to play golf, drive, or run a store: the more you do this, the better it goes, and the more fun you obtain.

It is better to remain silent and to be suspected of being stupid than to open your mouth and immediately dispel any doubts of this kind.

Talk out loud to yourself, walking around the house or apartment

There is no need to be embarrassed: there is no one around, so no one hears you. You can follow this example, even if you live not alone. To do this, stay in your room or in the basement or practice speaking while you’re driving. In addition, mind the way you speak – this is also training.

You can stand in front of a mirror and talk to your reflection

This technique is well known, especially among the people who are preparing for public speaking. It is suitable for everyday communication too. In addition, it helps to establish visual contact with the interlocutor because looking at your reflection in the mirror you get accustomed to face the other person.

Listen to yourself

If you just pay attention to the words you pronounce, it can give a great effect. You will see how many times you start and stumble halfway attempting to pronounce some phrase, how many times you go back to what has been said and how often pause fillers clutter your speech.

Avoid buzzwords

It will only benefit you because your speech will be perceived better and understood more accurately.

Treat others as you want them to treat you

If you want the interlocutor to be honest and frank with you, you should be honest and frank with him/her.

Remember that the secret to the ability to conduct a conversation is the ability to ask questions
Be curious about everything and ask your favorite question “Why?” even at cocktail parties. For example, a man tells you that his family has moved to another city – Why? A woman changes her job – Why? Someone roots for Mets – Why?

All people are equal

We are all people and therefore we should not get baffled just because the other person is a professor with four higher educations or an astronaut who has traveled in space at the speed of 18,000 miles per hour, or the person elected governor of your state.

The conversation should be funny

We should never forget: your interlocutors will get a lot more fun from talking with you if they see that it is a pleasure to you both whether you feel being on equal terms with them or not.

Most people who were able to succeed in life were able to speak in public well

It is not surprising that the opposite thing may also happen. If you have been able to develop your ability to speak well – and this ability can be developed, – you will succeed. If you think that you have already succeeded, you can work even better, if you become a better speaker.

Broaden your outlook

They say that traveling can broaden your horizons. However, if you are curious enough to listen to the people around you, you can enhance their knowledge without leaving the yard.

No matter what interlocutor you happen to be, remember:

  • If you think you are a bad interlocutor, you can become a good conversationalist.
  • If you think you already are a good conversationalist, you can become even better.