Fun Bad Weather Activities

Autumn, with its continuous rains, checks both shoes and people for strength. In this weather, it is extremely difficult not to get depressed or avoid blues. However, you should not let this happen. Try to distract yourself. We are offering a few interesting pastimes for a rainy day.


Dampness and slush on the streets do not inspire us for long walks. More and more often, you want to come home and drink a cup of hot tea after work. And at the weekend, you do not want to leave the house at all. What can you do at home when it is raining outside?


kaboompics.com_Christmas-CookiesCooking has become so popular lately that everyone has started doing it. Every self-respecting celebrity has published a book of their own recipes. Every TV channel has food shows. Amateur cooks run their blogs, magazines publish recipes, and restaurants hold various cooking workshops. We suggest you should try this hobby, as well.

Select a recipe that you have long wanted to try. As a rule, lack of time forces us to buy ready-made goods. Rainy weather is exactly the time when you can stay at home and cook. If your friends are not afraid of such weather, invite them for a visit. Cooking together is more enjoyable, besides, this is a great way to chat and eat in good company.

Get rid of old stuff

gift-boxes-storage-old-stuff-package-packingWe all know that accumulation of unnecessary things makes your home cluttered. But the main thing is that it becomes harder to enter the storage room because of useless boxes, your son’s bike or boxes with old clothes. A rainy day is a good time to handle the stuff from the closet, look through the papers, or sort out the dishes. You need to throw away everything that it cracked or chipped. Then, the house will be more comfortable, and perhaps things will improve in general.

Spend time with the family

play-stone-games-family-fun-entertainmentWhen was the last time the whole family gathered at the table and played a game? Now everyone plays games on his or her laptop or smartphone, at the same time complaining about the lack of communication. Invite all family members to play Scrabble or monopoly. Remember how popular they were in our childhood?

If you are home alone, do crosswords or puzzles. Choose more complex tasks, then you could look for answers in the encyclopedia or the Internet. One thing is certain – you will spend the day or evening with benefit for your mind. It is also a cool idea to play online games. Today, there are many websites where you can have fun and even win a considerable amount of money, for example, It won’t be boring!

Find a new hobby

It is perfect if you already have a favorite hobby that you can do on a rainy day. But what if your passion is parachute jumping? In this case, think of something new.

Today, in addition to cooking, it is trendy to paint. Many celebrities have discovered this talent in themselves. You are no worse! You just need to try. Take paints or pencil, a piece of paper, and start painting. An autumn landscape is a beautiful story for your first picture. Or maybe you’ll want to render your inner world on paper? Very creative girls may try writing poems. Share your creations in social networks and watch people’s reaction. Who knows, maybe your talent will be appreciated!

In any case, do something, instead of sitting aimlessly in front of the computer and feeling that life is passing by. Build your own life!

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