No Fear of Flying: 12 Facts about Planes

Many people are afraid of traveling by plane, but do not realize it is safer to fly rather than to drive, for example.


  1. Air transportation is the safest form of transport.
  2. Every 3 seconds, there is a plane landing somewhere in the world.
  3. If the chance of a daily catastrophe were only 0.01%, this would mean that at least 13 aircrafts would crash every day.
  4. Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.
  5. Death under the wheels of a car when standing on a pedestrian crossing and waiting for the green light is ten times more likely than a plane crash.
  6. Before each flight, your plane undergoes a complex technical check.
  7. A plane crash is never an accident, but a combination of factors.
  8. More than 80% of people are afraid of traveling by plane. 5% completely abandon flights, preferring land transportation and voyages to air transport.
  9. Aerophobia is the scientific name for the fear of flight and height.
  10. People fall in love with flight attendants more often than with the representatives of other professions.
  11. Many people are afraid of falling down from the height of 10 km. This is impossible because of the strong pressure under the wings of the aircraft. It feels on the air no worse than a car on the highway. It can be put on the tail, turned around its axis by 100 degrees downward; and if you release the steering wheel, the plane will just sway in the air, like a boat on the waves.
  12. The myths that Russian airlines buy decommissioned aircrafts from Korea, and their pilots drink alcohol at the wheel are the result of mass aerophobia.
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