Capture the Brightest Moments of Christmas Eve Creatively: 7 Fabulous Family Portrait Ideas

One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to document this year of your family with fun family portraits. Creating pictures that will bring smiles for years and years to come and mark a wonderful memory can be a fun process. However, if you’re left stumped as to what exactly you would like to do for this year’s family portrait, Skylum photo editing software has compiled a list of creative family portrait ideas that are sure to get the creativity flowing.

Hug into the Middle

Show the world the love that you have for you sweet family. Not only does wrapping your family up in your arms create a sweet moment, but it also creates a nice focal point for an interesting photograph. A warm, cozy bear hug that works to draw the attention to the central figure in the shot will do wonders to create a Christmas portrait that is sure to wow. For the most compositionally pleasing arrangement, have smaller family members be the center of the hug and arrange taller members around them.

Action Pose

One creative way to show off your family is to take an action-oriented photo. This could be a photo that captures your family running, jumping, or maybe even having a snowball fight. However, if you are going to do an outside Christmas scene for your photography, you will want to make sure you are properly prepared. This may mean planning on taking a snow cover for your camera and making sure your family is nice and bundled up.

Tight Crops


A tight cropped photograph is a photo that brings the viewer into a close intimate moment. Really focusing on the faces of the people in the photograph, tight cropping can help create a moment that is special and really zeroes in on the holiday spirit and the essence of the Christmas season. The tight crop creates a composition that is almost entirely consumed by the people in the photo. Zoom in on those cheesy smiles and spread some holiday cheer! Nothing screams family more than that!

In the Comfort of Home

One sweet way to show off your family is to bring the viewer directly into your home! This will give your family and friends a little glimpse into the everyday life of you and your family. Dress up in jammies and take a photo of your family watching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa in bed, or put on some fun Christmas socks and line up on the sofa. The options are nearly limitless. You could also try taking a photo of your family decorating the Christmas tree or singing Christmas carols at the front door!

Use Props

Utilizing props is great for a number of reasons. The first being that it gives your models something to do with their hands. It can be difficult for even the most experienced photographer to decide what a model should do with their hands, especially if they aren’t used to having their picture taken. Props are one of the many hand poses that can help with this issue. Holding big letters that spell out a word or a family name is one way to incorporate crops into your photo. You could also have your family members hold up a Christmas wreath as a sort of frame, or you can go simple and use a regular picture frame.

Play with Shadows

If you are looking for something really outside the box, you might want to consider playing with shadows—silhouettes specifically. Take a photo in the early morning or in the evening right before the sun sets. This will give you more elongated shadows that are easier to photograph. Then strike a funny pose or hold hands for a photograph that is creative and unique. You can even edit in the names of the family onto the shadows, so viewers can tell who is who.

Reenact an Iconic Photo

Reenacting a popular, iconic photo is a great way to grab people’s attention. Not only is it fun and quirky, but it can also say a lot about what your family enjoys. Reenact the classic Beatle’s walk from Abbey Road or a scene from your family’s favorite movie to watch together. Add in some of Luminar 3’s awesome effects and filters for photos and you’re good to go! You can do this with as little or as many costumes/props as you want to create a photo that will make you smile for years and years to come.

Christmas is such a magical time of year, and what better way to capture this magic than to take a photo? Your family photos will stay with your family for generations and bring joy and smiles to faces for years to come. Make these memories extra special by creating family portraits that showcase your beautiful family in a way that is fun and unique. You can use these tips to create a family portrait that is sure to impress.

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