5 Reasons Why You Should Get On A Bike Now and Start Cycling

When was the last time you rode a bike? Well, you better plan on getting on a bike soon so that you can enjoy the immense health benefits this activity can offer you. A bike is good both for you and for the environment. That is why this might be the best life choice you could ever make at the moment.

Just to clarify, here are 5 compelling reasons you should start riding a bike right now.

1. It is better for your finances

Most people have never stopped to think how badly poor life choices impact their health. For instance, an increase in BMI by one unit has been shown to result in an 8% reduction in wealth. Bike riders tend to have lower and healthier BMI, which also means they are better off financially, generally speaking.

Biking fans also avoid the chronic health conditions that cost many people a lot of money. According to the winning bike, high-quality affordable bikes are now so common. So, there is no money-related excuse to avoid biking.

2. Improved intellectual capabilities

Riding a bike is very good for your brain health. A lot of creative people have resolved major challenges facing them at work while riding a bike. Studies have even shown that riding a bike can result in a 5% improvement in performance in mental tests. Biking helps create new brain cells as well.

3. Better quality sleep

You sleep based on a natural rhythm. The body sets this rhythm based on your exposure to sunlight. Biking inevitably ensures that you do not spend all your day cooked up inside your house or office. By getting this exposure to sunlight, your body better recognizes that its time to sleep when you finally retire to bed in the evening.

4. Improved immunity

Riding a bike can result in a significant improvement to your immunity. That means you will be better protected from infections and other health problems when you take up biking. Studies have even shown that riding a bike for 30 minutes a day for five days a week get half as many sick days as those who spend their time sitting on their couches.

5. It is better for the planet

The world could use all the effort you can make to reduce the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases. One way to do this is to use bikes to commute to work. The congestion often experienced in towns can also be avoided by using bikes instead of cars. It is estimated that the space of 1 car can be used to park 20 bikes.


Most people don’t have time for bikes. The activity seems like something better left to a small section of people who are crazy about biking.

But everyone should try to enjoy this activity on a regular basis. Riding bikes have been proven to improve your health in a number of ways. It is also a healthier option for the environment which is choking from all the greenhouse gas emission vehicles are putting out on a constant basis.

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