9 Worst Reasons Not to Act Right Now

If all your plans for a successful dizzying career and no less luxurious life remain unfulfilled, it’s time to step out of your illusions and start to achieve it all in reality. We figured out how to stop being content with your thoughts and learn how to act, and what kind of ridiculous excuses hinder this process and prevent you from achieving your goals.

“My time has not come yet”

If you talk like that, it will never come because you will constantly have all the new urgent matters, and in the end, you will sadly note the fact that time has already been lost, and you have not done anything really worthy in this life. Perhaps, while you are thinking and considering your strengths, someone more agile and courageous will embody your idea, and you will be watching his success from aside.

In order to live an interesting life, learn to act here and now. Do not postpone everything indefinitely until better times. After all, if you yourself do not take care of your future, better times will not come. You will only have to be content with what you have at the moment.

“I don’t have enough knowledge for this”

Nowadays, there is a sufficient number of professional courses and master classes, which can help you develop your skills, or learn something new. If you understand that your knowledge is not enough to implement a successful project, do not be afraid to “sit at the desk” again and improve your knowledge. After all, it will be to your advantage: you will not only become better at understanding these or other issues, but will be able to control the whole process, and at the same time you will get acquainted with people interested in the same topic as you. Who knows, perhaps thanks to these new acquaintances you will be able to realize your idea much faster.

“I have so many things to do that I don’t have time for anything”

This indicates that you do not know how to prioritize correctly and instead of focusing on really important matters, you spend your time on all sorts of nonsense. Psychologists recommend analyzing what you do during the day, what was really important and meaningful and what you could easily abandon. Thus, you will be able to correctly allocate your time and find an opportunity to implement your ideas. In addition, sometimes it makes sense to sacrifice something today (your hobbies, work, meetings, and so on) in order to enjoy the fruits of your work and financial freedom tomorrow.

“I tried once and nothing happened”

Doing something once may not be enough for a successful result, so you need to try again and again until you achieve what you wanted to get. Psychologists remind that it is very important to be able not to stop halfway through and consider failures as a chance to change everything and start over. Many successful people admit that they took at least 500-1000 attempts before they reached their goals. If you are used to giving up after the first failure, it is not surprising that all your attempts to change your life are wasted. According to psychologists, “Never give up” is the motto that will lead you to success.

“I am so tired today that I will postpone all the business for another day”

“I will think about it tomorrow” was Scarlett O`Hara’s favorite phrase, but you shouldn’t postpone important issues until the last moment. In order to optimize the process and manage to finish as many affairs as possible in a short period, accustom yourself to the fact that you should take on urgent and complex projects first and gradually move to less labor-intensive issues. This will help you save time, energy and nerves, rather than abandon everything halfway through.

In addition, do not forget that while you are postponing the realization of your ideas, everything will remain the same in your life (unlike those people who were not lazy and did their best to change their life for the better).

“It seems to me that others will dislike my idea”

Psychologists remind you that you should not look at others and think about whether they will like your idea or consider it crazy. Perhaps they simply did not reach this point, and after a couple of years, it would become quite commonplace and ubiquitous.

Many great people are ahead of their time and realize something that at first does not find approval and understanding from others, but later becomes something indispensable. If you constantly wait for approval from other people and think about whether they will criticize your undertaking, if you yourself perceive it completely neutral, you will never reach your goals and realize your dreams. First of all, do what brings pleasure and inspires you to new achievements.

“I don’t know where to start”

Of course, uncertainty scares, but instead of dropping your idea without even trying to implement it, it is better to consult with the people, who have succeeded in something like this or try to get to the truth on your own. Believe that many inventions would not have happened, if at some point these brilliant people had been afraid had not tried to do something.

“I’m afraid to try something new, I will wait until someone else dares to do it”

If a brilliant idea came to your mind, and no one has realized it before you, why should you put it off and wait until someone else decides to implement it? Many people are afraid to start something new, and then they bite their elbows and scold themselves for excessive caution. After all, if they hadn’t got scared, they would have enjoyed the glory and great profit instead of looking with envy at the brave men who have realized the dream of their whole life.

“My connections are not enough to realize this”

Connections are sure to mean a lot nowadays, but not always. After all, only stubborn people who trust their intuition and are not shy to go against the system achieve impressive results. Perhaps they were not supported by anyone, and the idea itself and the ways of its implementation were actively criticized. Later, if you win, you can acquire the necessary connections which will make it much easier to put your ideas into practice. At the very beginning of the way, you will have to rely on yourself and the ability to convince others that you are right. Do not give up, and the desired result will come.