7 Ways to Get More Punctual

If you are always late and only dream of having a little more time during the day, you should reconsider your habits and learn to perceive time differently. How? We can learn from the rules of punctual people, who know how to manage everything.

In the evening, think about what you will have for breakfast

Of course, the morning meal is very important for our body. But in order not to mess around in the kitchen longer than you expect, think about the menu in the evening and cook some dishes. In the morning, you will only have to heat the food and prepare hot coffee or fragrant tea.

Spare not more than 15 minutes to do makeup

Makeup artists recommend wasting not more than 15 minutes on daily makeup. In their opinion, this should be quite enough to look perfect. If you cannot do this in time, practice makeup on weekends. Set the timer and try to make up your eyes and accentuate the tone of your face. Just a few exercises and you will achieve amazing results.

Categorize your wardrobe according to the days of the week

Do not start your morning in front of an open closet, thinking about what to wear today. Decide in advance what you are going to wear (including accessories) on each day of the week. For example, on Monday you can choose an office style (a blouse, a shirt, a skirt or trousers), on Tuesday you can look casual, on Wednesday your look can be romantic, on Thursday and Friday you will wear clothes that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Experts say that this principle really works.

Keep important things in a conspicuous place

For example, put a special box or tray in the corridor where you will keep your travel card, the keys to the front door, your office ID and other important things that you can use every day. This will save your time; you will not have to rush around the house trying to recollect if you have taken all the necessary things with you.

The more clocks you have around, the better

Train yourself to be surrounded by numbers: a watch, a clock on your smartphone, on your TV, on your computer, and even on the oven. If you also move the clock 10-15 minutes forward, you will definitely control yourself and always come in time. But be careful. Even though clocks will help you be more punctual, other people may think they have a lot of time and will go out too late. After all, the clock is moved forward! Eventually, people can also be late because of this.

On weekends, schedule your work for the whole week

Design your schedule with breaks in mind, so you can plan important meetings in advance and find time for yourself. In addition, such planning helps become more disciplined and solve many more issues during the day. You do not have to act intuitively and decide what to start with.

Minimize social networking

Psychologists argue that the more time we spend on social networks, the fewer hours we have for really important things (for example, to deal with business matters). Therefore, if you are used to starting your day with Facebook or other social networks, do not be surprised that giving likes to the new photos of your friends, messaging with relatives or searching for news will take precious moments from you and you will have no time left at all.

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