7 Reasons to Step outside Your Comfort Zone

As the writer Neal Donald Walsch has said, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. However, how can you explain this to the brain, which resists everything new and ensures that it is better to walk the road tested, not to communicate with strangers and avoid complications?

When I do something for the first time, thoughts in my head go like, “you will not be able to, you will not succeed,” “you will fail – everyone will laugh.” Every minute I want to surrender and go back. This condition needs to be constantly fought. You should silence the voice of the uncertain lazy coward in your head and go forward. The comfort zone is safe, convenient, familiar, like the space from the kitchen to the bedroom of your own house. However, you still have enough good reasons to leave it.

1. You will change your view of life

To change or expand your worldview, it is not necessary to wait for experience to accumulate over the years. One step out of your comfort zone – and you start looking at many things completely differently. The world around becomes bigger, your own problems grow smaller and less significant. Whatever was important turns out to be nonsense. Learn to constantly change your life, cutting off what prevents you from getting better. A step out of your usual routine will show you what it is worth and what should be discarded.

2. You will expand your network of connections

There are so many interesting, unusual, inspiring people, stories and destinies in the world. But while you are wandering on the border of your comfortable life, new opportunities remain somewhere beyond the horizon. Adventures and incidents unite people in the strangest of circumstances. When you run between the stations of the London underground, trying to understand, which way to go, and asking the passers-by for directions, you unconsciously form new social connections. Each meeting is a unique experience, and you never know where it will come in handy.

3. You will understand what you dislike

Trying to do something new helps to understand your tastes and interests better. A hobby, which makes everyone crazy, can in fact turn out to be your worst nightmare. A journey will show how tired you are of the area you live in. Training courses will help to understand that you have outgrown the company you’ve been working at for a long time. Most likely, there are many things that make you perceive your life as a routine. You just do not know what exactly makes you unhappy, because you have not opened the mind to the new yet. Realizing that you do not like something and excluding it from your life, you will become happier.

4. You will learn to trust yourself

We all have intuition, another thing that it is not easy to believe it. We are happy to ask other people for advice, ask them to tell us what to do, and then internally resist their arguments, because they do not meet our expectations. Leaving the comfort zone and just following your wishes, you will become much more confident. Everything you dream of is possible, if you let it happen.

5. You will try something new

The comfort zone is full of things and people that you like. However, there is much good outside of it, too. You can find out that you love seafood or that snowboarding is not so scary. You will find a hobby, and life will become brighter. Trying something new is a good way to be open and develop positive thinking. You will realize that many more doors open than close.

6. You will find an adventure

Every time you say “yes” to something unfamiliar, you let an amazing story or an unusual experience in your life. You’ve already outgrown school memories. Although they sometimes make you laugh, it’s time to create new ones. Exit from the comfort zone is not necessarily a journey around the world or bathing in the river with alligators. Even an unusual route from work to home can change your life; you just need to be receptive and not to be afraid.

7. You will get to know yourself

The main thing that you will find, tearing yourself away from the usual life, is yourself. You will know your desires and understand what prevents you from being happy. You will find new interests and people whom you can share them with. You will stop wondering whether you live or simply exist.