7 Lists Everyone Needs

Lists are one of the most common and easiest ways of life organization. We are so used to them that few people think about how cool this invention of the mankind is. In this article, we will talk about what a list is and what lists should every sensible person have.


Lists can be compared to a ladder. All our goals are the peaks of different heights and complexity. You can climb up a steep slope, slipping and stumbling when you come across unexpected obstacles. You can also safely climb the stairs of a list, moving confidently from one task to another.

Lists allow us to divide complex tasks into a variety of smaller ones, monitor the rate of promotion and evaluate the efforts exerted. They do not let us forget what we need and help us organize our day. Lists are all around us and can be useful in virtually any area.

1. Creative ideas

Creativity is a spontaneous process, and it is difficult to drive it into the framework of standards. Therefore, writing lists of valuable ideas, original findings, and unusual thoughts will help you at a time when there is absolutely nothing original in your mind, but you need to create.

2. The books you need to read

If you suffer every time after reading another book and having to choose the following one, it is time to have a special little list for reading. In this list, you will indicate every book that you friends advised or that you saw in someone’s hands in the subway. By the way, with the help of this list you can quickly estimate the number of books read and even remember the most useful ideas from them.

3. Interesting events

The most terrible thing is when you decide to make a list of interesting places, experiences and situations that have occurred in your life and suddenly realize that you have absolutely nothing to write there. This is an excellent opportunity to reconsider your attitude to life and start to deliberately fill it with interesting pages.

4. The list of current tasks

Yes, it’s boring and trite, but we could not miss this kind of lists. They will help you to better cope with the daily routine, manage everything and never be late. Besides, contemplating a column of neatly crossed out tasks delivers unearthly pleasure at the end of a hard day.

5. The list of movies to watch

Everything is similar to books. There are so many films produced now that it is a luxury to spend time on trifles. Well-designed lists of films will protect you from random choices and let you see the movies that meet your interests.

6. A wish list

A crisis of desires is no joke. If one day you feel universal boredom and realize you do not want anything, this is this special type of a crisis. Your desires should be loved, cherished and nurtured. For them to become more numerous, you need to write them in a special little list, which must have at least 101 points.

7. An anti-list

Everyone is used to recording the tasks that you have to perform in a list. But in some situations it is much more useful to have a list of the things, which cannot be done. Drink. Smoke cigarettes again. Stare at the TV-set. Tell lies. If you live a day without performing any item from this black list, it means you are moving in the right direction.

Are there any original lists that you keep?

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