4 Things You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of

Life teaches us to perceive natural things, even if people do not notice it. It is not easy for a modern woman to break through the wall of prejudices and imposed norms to feel comfortable. Many things that are an integral part of life, psychology or views on life can cause an equally natural sense of shame, which enslaves no less than the established norms.

Learning to understand your body and accept your sincere desires is a step towards physical and moral freedom. We have conducted a survey of 4 things that can cause a sense of shame among women to help you reconsider your views on life and get rid of stereotypes.


For some unknown reason, evolution takes care of membranes, the tail and the third eyelid. According to some scientists, nature is working on the shape of your hands and head right now. However, there is no progress in menstruation. Periods are still there – every month, every year. On average, menstruation lasts 12 weeks per year for 40-50 years. After all, depending on the speed of development, menstruation can begin at the age of 11-16 years and end at 45-65 years.

One of the problems that women struggle with during menstruation is the cultural issue. In many countries, you cannot call the boss and say that you have menstrual cramps. The very word “periods” is not encouraged even in personal communication. Not everyone can calmly talk about it or go to a supermarket to get the items of female hygiene. This is due to the absurd social stereotype of “being dirty”.

In a society where the natural acceptance of one’s body is promoted, there should not be such a belief. You know your body more than anyone else, so let it carry out natural processes without any shame before society. In many countries, menstrual cramps are considered an absolutely adequate reason for a day off. To refer to the “women’s condition” is quite natural. According to some studies, men also have “bad days”, although they are expressed in weight fluctuations and mood swings and are not so noticeable.


The pace of life that a modern woman has is very high. Watching your health and beauty is not a fashion, but a rational need. The desire to look thin should remain in the past because active women opt for health and natural beauty. The campaign to promote a variety of beauty is aimed precisely at girls and women to bring up a healthy perception of their body with all its shortcomings and virtues.

Women no longer have to look like models from glossy magazines because the focus of the today’s world shows that people are different. It is no longer rational to be shy. Of course, a healthy lifestyle is still important because caring for your body will surely prove rewarding.

Another problem that stimulates high demands for your body is a stereotype about sexuality. Men love. But in the 21st century, while women are running for presidency and serving in military aviation, it’s time to destroy the process of fetishization. To accept your body as it is, you need to understand how it functions and reacts to various changes. So you can feel natural if you suddenly gain an extra kilogram.

Sexual preferences

Sexual preferences also relate to the natural needs of your body. The more you understand what you need from sex and erotic experiments, the more fun you will get. Sex has long ceased to be just a tool for reproduction. Remember: everything that is nice and not harmful to you and your partner and is reached by common consent is natural and even good. If your partner is frightened by your sexual ingenuity, maybe this is not the partner who can satisfy you, or you need to spend more time to let him know what you really want.

Talking about sex (or dropping the subject) is also quite normal, if the interlocutors do not mind having such a conversation.

Attitude towards marriage and children

Not all modern women tend to marry and give birth to a child as soon as possible because self-realization is as important as marriage or the birth of a child. Many women refuse to give birth not only for the reasons of business life but also because this process is painful, dangerous and may lead to a number of disorders from a psychological point of view.

bridegroom, wedding cake

The refusal to have a baby is every woman’s personal decision as well as the issue of marriage. Modern couples cohabit happily without binding themselves with formal ties. If you do not feel ready for this event, do not be ashamed of your worldview and do not sacrifice your feelings for your partner’s sake.

On the other hand, many women may be ashamed of the fact that they want to have many children and be a housewife. Everything depends on your personal desires. No one can make you happy if you do not realize how your personal happiness looks like. Many women are successful mothers of large families, while retaining mobility and sexuality.

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