30 Minutes a Day Could Change Your Life

The biggest reason for failure is lack of patience. This, as well as an uncontrollable desire to get immediate results and fulfill all desires, is the basis of most failures. In reality, success takes time. Big success requires a lot of time.


Richard Branson did not become a millionaire overnight. Madonna did not wake up one morning the queen of pop music. David Beckham did not become a super football player after a few workouts.

Nevertheless, there is a way that works for anyone in any situation. Most people know about it, but never use. Why? Is it much better to wait until the world itself will fall at your feet? The world is usually in no hurry to respond to your aspirations.

Take into consideration a simple technique that will certainly lead you to success. It is called “the theory of half an hour.” Its advantage is that it is suitable for everyone and can be easily integrated into any schedule. The general idea is that you perform one small action every day for half an hour, and then, when improvement comes, you make this action more complicated.

It seems too obvious, doesn’t it? But you will be surprised how many people talk about this trivial thing, but have never tried to do it. This may mean that you will be given half an hour each day for reading. Nonsense, isn’t it? But it will help you to read about 24 books during a year – and it’s more than most people read in ten years!

You can spend half an hour a day learning a foreign language or acquiring useful skills. Get in-depth knowledge in your field and compensate for the missing experience. Use half an hour each day to achieve the dream of your life. Practice what you’ve been postponing all the time because of lack of time. After following the “theory of half an hour” for some time, for example, after six months, look back and remember where the starting point was.

You will be amazed at how much progress you have made thanks to 30 minutes a day. Remember, you are already doing a lot more than everyone else. Be patient. Do not expect immediate results. Everything requires time, and the greater your goal is, the more steps you will need to make.