15 Psychological Tricks That Will Make You Happier

At some moment in their life everyone could adopt an attitude of anxiety, frustration or apathy towards life. Modern people are so busy that sometimes they do not have enough time for themselves – to take care of their health or to please themselves with something enjoyable. Psychologists say that if you follow certain rules, life will sparkle with new colors.

smile-woman-girl1. Does half an hour mean a lot or a little?

700-time-clock-life-longevityIf you wake up even half an hour earlier, the whole day can be different. This will give you extra time not to rush in the morning. Unconsciously, people will feel much more confident of the fact that they control the whole day. Therefore they will be less prone to stress.

2. Taking a bath as the best way to relieve stress

water-bathroom-pool-glue-swimmingIf you take a hot bath or a long hot shower, this will help you relax and relieve stress. Besides, it will also help a person feel less lonely. Some of the social feelings, such as love and recognition, give a person a “physical sensation of warmth.” According to researchers at Yale University, a hot shower or bath can help bring back the normal social feelings. Therefore if you feel lonely or rejected, it is high time you took a bath.

3. Foods containing endorphins

chocolate-food-eat-sweet-dessertConsuming a number of products, such as dark chocolate, red wine and spicy food, can promote the production of endorphins. Dark chocolate also contains magnesium, which is good for treating headache and stress.

4. Down with social networks!

facebookIf we abandon social networks and use our cell phone only to make phone calls, it can be surprisingly beneficial to our mental health. Those who are constantly online may develop jealousy, envy, and a sense of loneliness. Moreover, spending a whale of time in social networks or staring at the phone screen results in the fact that life just passes you by.

5. Such an important “no”

700-help-stress-job-career-problems-hand-work-depression-anxiety-lostBeing able to say “no” is a very important skill. People just cannot do everything they really want or what they are asked of. In any case, we need some personal limits that allow people to control their own lives, and not just say “yes” in response to everything that is expected from them.

6. Laughter prolongs life

We need to laugh! Loud and often. Find your favorite comedian, whom you will listen to, even when the day turns out to be very bad. Laughter reduces stress and releases the flow of endorphins (happiness hormone) in the body.

7. Drink water!

700-water-drink-food-eat-beverage-liquidThe human body is constantly losing water: when a person sweats, when he/she takes a bath, and even while breathing. Moderate dehydration can already cause headaches and drowsiness even in the middle of the day. We need to drink more, mostly plain water.

8. 8-hour sleep

skinSleeping at least 8 hours is vital for our mental and physical health. People who do not get enough sleep suffer from a number of disorders: hormonal imbalance, weight gain, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and even, as some studies assume, certain types of cancer.

9. Reading books

glasses-book-readingYou should always find time to read a book. This will help to relax, improve your vocabulary, give a topic to discuss with others, and improve your memory. Recent studies have even shown that reading increases empathy for others.

10. Proper nutrition

700-diet-nutrition-food-salad-plate-dinner-weightProper nutrition is necessary for the body and brain. Complex carbohydrates, contained in whole grains and vegetables, are needed to think clearly and perform well in tasks that require mental work. Protein is necessary for maintaining lean body mass, as well as to produce amino acids for the brain. Fruits and vegetables supply the body with a variety of vitamins and minerals that it needs.

11. Daily walks

runner-running-jogging-woman-sports-fitnessWe need to go out. Research shows that walking or light jogging in the fresh air can have a soothing effect. This increases the levels of serotonin and vitamin D in the body that are as effective as light antidepressants.

12. Yoga classes

-exercise-fitness-workout-sports-yoga-pilatesTry to do yoga. It is suitable for all people of any age and physique. Yoga increases flexibility and endurance, helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and improves concentration.

13. Travelling is a great idea

Travelling is great. Everyone needs to leave their comfort zone and their culture. Travelling provides an excellent opportunity to train long-term thinking, teaches to be resourceful in unusual situations, and allows to escape from the daily routine and just relax.

14. The meaning of life

baby-motherFind the meaning of your life. It sounds simple and obvious, but it is necessary, otherwise the daily routine will bring no joy.

15. Gratitude

smile-woman-girlThis tip may sound simple – be grateful. There have been a lot of statements that we need to be thankful because it is inextricably linked with happiness. Studies have been conducted, showing that the people who know how to be grateful are much happier. It is difficult to feel anger and dissatisfaction with life, if you are grateful for what it grants you with.

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