15 Reasons Why Being 30+ Is Cool

If you think that you are too old and no one needs you, you are mistaken! We have found 15 facts proving that life becomes much happier and more pleasant after 30 years of age.

Fears are no longer in the foreground

Over time, you have learned not only to live with your fears, but have successfully overcome most of them. You do not regret the missed opportunities and are proud of yourself.

You can openly express your emotions

Now you can show your enthusiasm, resentment, bewilderment or love. You no longer need to hide your feelings under the mask simply because you may be misunderstood.

Princes do not exist, but it no longer matters

If you used to dream about a prince and knew exactly what your ideal man should be, over the years you have learned to appreciate real men with their advantages and disadvantages. You even began to understand male psychology better.

You can reject a relationship that does not bring pleasure

Earlier, you had to tolerate your partner’s freaks simply because these feelings seemed real and for a lifetime. You were afraid to imagine how you would live without this person. Now you value your comfort more and do not agree to the things you dislike. And the partners respect your choice.

A lot of basic things appear in the wardrobe

Until recently, you had been looking through all the glossy magazines and bought fashionable things for a season, replacing them as soon as they were losing their relevance. But now you do not care. You know perfectly well what you are doing and why you will wear it.

There are several key dishes that you can surprise your guests with

It does not matter if it’s a culinary masterpiece worthy of the best restaurants in the world, or plain scrambled eggs, but this is the main thing that you will treat your guests with if they turn up.

Life becomes more organized

Nobody says that you cannot spontaneously go somewhere or decide on some adventurous action. However, over the years, you begin to appreciate your time, moderate lifestyle, and the opportunity to plan. You try to avoid unjustified risks!

Health is a priority

Earlier, you could go outside into the cold in thin tights or without a hat because you thought it was so fashionable and correct. But you look at things in a completely different way after 30 years. Are you planning a walk along the snow-covered streets? No problem! First, you need to insulate yourself. The same is said about medicines. Now you do not drink the same pill for various ailments and pay attention to your body needs. Even visits to the doctor become a routine.

Perfectionism is no longer an end goal

You used to do one task all day long to complete everything in a perfect way, but now you do not focus on being ideal. You move forward, develop, and enjoy the process itself.

Relations with parents are getting warmer

Years ago, you defended your freedom, but then you eventually learned to communicate with your parents and appreciate having them. This is a great treasure. With age, you are getting more tolerant towards their strange behavior and advice.

You have developed a habit of saving money

To realize your cherished dream, it is necessary to collect a sufficient amount of money. But now it does not seem unrealistic.

You can listen to your desires rather than imitate someone

Now you do not follow fashion trends and do not choose a healthy lifestyle just because it is popular. You do it because you have decided that it’s more comfortable for you to have proper eating habits, exchange a metropolis for a house at the seaside, learn a new subject or re-read classic literature. Why not?

You have realized it is not so terrible to lose

After all, failures are a kind of experience that helps to develop and move on.

You are not afraid of laughing at yourself

The ability to joke about yourself and adequately treat criticism is one of the most valuable qualities that we begin to appreciate in adulthood. Previously, we were ashamed of looking ridiculous or funny.

You always give people a second chance

Youthful maximalism often pushed us to ill-considered actions and forced to terminate the relations with the people who have stumbled once. Over time, we begin to understand that the world is not divided into white and black, so you can always try to fix the situation.

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