14 Issues That Are Eating Small-Breasted Women

As some girls are growing up and notice with chagrin that their chest does not haste to reach the size that will earn them the glorious name of BOOBS, they are in for a series of worrisome attempts to disguise the fact or play it down (or rather, out) as far as it can be done. Thus they plunge in a pool of problems totally unknown to the world outside their minus-size club. Happier people, be aware of the pangs they have to endure.

  • When at school they went for the smallest Victoria’s Secret bras – and yet couldn’t fill them. So the bras moved around from time to time uncomfortably, and when they bent too low one could get a glimpse of a nipple because the cup covered the mound but imperfectly.
  • Back at school again, how they waited for their breasts to swell out impressively, which never came, while they watched guys ogling the female students who were far better endowed…
  • They keep their eyes peeled for breast-growing tips, even the most bizarre ones. All those news about estrogen supplements, special pills promising breast growth, suction-cup bras, anything – the information gets devoured greedily and all methods get weighed mentally for trying.

  • They don’t feel good about donning a push-up on their first date, it seems kinda cheating. Although it does lend them the look they crave for, they realize that there’ll come a time when the truth will be revealed, and what then?
  • What is really hard for them is swimsuit shopping. It can be quite hurtful for most of us, but when you have nothing much to show in the upper section, you expect ceaseless embarrassment in the dressing room and controlling your movements in the pool.
  • When at the pool, they draw the attention of underage boys… Whose fault it is they are sure the girl is closer to 15 than to 18? It remains for them to stay aloof.
  • Kindly older women tell them that the breasts will grow yet. Almost sure to. After they’ve gone to bed with a man. Hell, what a price to pay for having them enhanced almost imperceptibly…
  • Caressing their lover’s penis between their boobs is something they will never experience. What is left for them is to see it on video and get more envious… Telling friends they don’t like it anyway.
  • The “scoop” isn’t something they like to do to their boobs. It’s a necessity they can’t afford to miss out on.
  • Other girls’ boobs (especially if they are BIG ones!) inevitably attract their attention. Often they would like to feel them up just to know what it feels like.

  • Lingerie store is another place of torture for them. As for various costumes for festive/entertaining occasion, they are to be bought at children’s stores best.
  • Their tailors have a lot of business either making or altering their ready-made clothes for them. The professionals already know where and how much to take, since several years back.
  • They are not accustomed to seeing themselves in a dress with a cleavage. They can get astounded upon seeing their photo later, and ask for your comment excitedly. Take a picture of them with cleavage secretly and create a small furor.
  • Who is more artful then they with those shoulder movements that are designed to give their girls a squeeze with the best results possible – while He is looking at them…