13 Tips on How to Love Who You Are From French Women

The whole world envies the way how beautiful and stunning French women can look, as if it were so simple for them. They can maintain slimness without dieting. They can be attractive without conforming to the ideals of beauty imposed from the outside. They can be admirable and absolutely confident. They can live a luxurious life, being in no need of anything, but knowing the limit. They can appreciate quality, resisting consumer frenzy.


How to love who you are according to French women:

1. Try to understand what suits you best

French women are known around the world for their stylishness, but that’s because they know what style suits them best, and they try to stick to it, updating it, introducing minor changes and making additions from time to time depending on the season (besides, you can save a considerable sum of money).

2. Practice the rituals that bring you pleasure

Feeling good is just as important as looking good. Relaxing baths, beauty treatments, massage and other types of body care are a necessity rather than luxury. It does not matter how busy your life is in other ways.

3. Do not punish your body

The attitude “no pain, no gain” does not seem to have reached French seashores. The French prefer the pleasure principle – if you do something that makes you look and feel great, this is clearly beneficial for your health and well-being (they naturally include sex here).

4. Accept who you are

In almost any French women’s magazine, you’ll find the same, practically unattainable standards and ideals. But here, in the real world, French women know that happiness does not come when you wear the 36/S clothing size. You just need to feel good in your own skin.

5. Enjoy delicious meals

Delicious food has always been a part of French culture, so why restrain yourself? You may afford almost anything you want, observing moderation.

6. Respect your body

Believe it or not, overeating can only lead to negative feelings and sensations. Would you like a bar of chocolate? Eat it, but then forget about cheese and a second glass of wine. Moderation is better than asceticism, which is not part of your happy life.

7. Try to feel and look your best

French women cannot afford to go out, looking like an untidy bed. They may be in a rush, but they still leave the house dressed and looking neat (no sports pants and unruly hair). The secret of feeling good depends on looking good – besides, in such a way you show respect for yourself and for the surrounding world.

8. Be true to yourself!

Be open-minded and bold, at least a little. Even a little thing – an unusual ring, cute boots or a bright scarf – can express your individuality.

9. Work with what you have, do not wait to achieve the ideal

To look good, French women do not need to wait until they lose a few pounds or grow long hair. In addition, if you learn to look impressive in any situation, these “extra” pounds will not be noticed.

10. Be natural


You do not want to hide your face behind the mask, do you? Well, then do not do it. Minimal makeup, neat hairstyle (without excessive hair spray which prevents the hair from moving), suitable lipstick and a pleasant perfume. That’s all.

11. Do not let age interfere with your enjoying life

Think about other countries where women “of a certain age” are still considered to be seductive. French women know that age is not the reason to reject the possibility to look and feel your best.

12. Try to enjoy little things

A small, but delicious éclair, a new perfume, a lovely scent of lavender, delicious cheese… French women understand that these little things are no less important than anything else.

13. Enjoy life


Find your passion, say “no” to everything that is a waste of your time, and keep moving forward. Focus on what you love – and nothing will stop you!

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