10 Ways to Live a Better Life

Many of us would like to become better and start improving our health. Just wanting to do this is not enough. Begin to act now. And these tips will help you.


  1. Try to spend this evening with a book rather than watching TV and/or news feeds on Facebook. It’s really interesting.
  2. Try and drink plenty of clean water tomorrow. Drink at least 1.5 liters (tea, coffee, juices and other beverages should not be taken into account).
  3. Try to get out of the comfort zone. Think about what you’re afraid of in life and try to do at least something tomorrow to get rid of this fear. The fear of public speaking, the fear of height (width, thickness?), the fear of rejection, the fear of being misunderstood, the fear of being left without money and so on. No need to make global steps. Simply expand your comfort zone a little.
  4. Try to be kinder tomorrow. It is not difficult. Try not to criticize others, try to notice only the good features in people.
  5. Try to smile at everyone whom you like. And do not think about how the person will treat you (who cares?).
  6. Try cedar oil. This product contains most of the necessary vitamins a human being needs.
  7. Try… and what would you like to try most of all? Share with friends (do not click on “repost”), share your news with friends in real life!
  8. Try to learn one poem a day for at least two weeks. It’s an amazing experience!
  9. Try and call your parents, if you still have this opportunity (some people already cannot do it), ask how they are doing and inquire if you can do anything to help them. And, most importantly, tell them how much you love them. Once the time will come when it will be too late, so hurry up…
  10. The 10th point is left for you: smile at your reflection in the mirror.
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