10 Ways You Get Surprisingly Unappealing to Others

Striking a great pose is what we always mean to do. How fine it is to know that we come across as considerate, well-balanced, respectable, and empathic people. But is it as easy as it sounds? Unfortunately, no. Somehow there are people who cannot shake off indecent behaviors, and go on displaying traits that appear grossly unattractive to those around us. Now, are we aware of how we look in the eyes of other people? See if you can relate to some bad behaviors listed below that are worth chucking if you intend to be socially popular.


Being self-centered

This one is arguably the most difficult to detect. You just keep talking about your affairs, feelings and attitudes only, and things other people say don’t reach you. Whatever touches you is of prime importance, whereas other considerations count surprisingly little – if at all. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then it’s time to broaden your horizons.

Laying too much stress on outer beauty

What makes us really beautiful are the things inside us, residing in our hearts and minds. The outer looks do matter, but not so much as some people grow up to believe. Those who regard themselves as extremely attractive – or, on the other hand, unprepossessing in appearance – can think that outer beauty is the only thing that makes the world go round. This kind of belief can make some quite ugly inside, in places they neglect. A very faulty attitude, that.

Competing with everything you come across

We all know guys whose sole objective seems to be to come out on top any and every time. It may be fun, but it leaves you alone, because you are always striving to put the people you meet in the shadow. What’s your response to a tale of a feat (or just of having good time)? If you go and say you’ve done better instantly. Better stop yourself and express admiration – let your friends steal the show for once!

Being suspicious of your friends

How do things stand between you and your friends? Do you bicker and fight on a regular basis? It’s all right if it’s your habitual way of behavior to pick on each other jocularly, but what if it’s in earnest? Then you believe that your friends are actually hostile towards you, and you towards them. That’s ugly, it should be caring and understanding between friends.

Making your importance an issue with friends

One of the traits that can make one very unattractive and unpopular is raising the issue of personal importance within one’s circle. Yes, your friends went to a place without troubling to invite you, and you jump to the conclusion that they got you down and they think nothing of you. Are you justified in believing that? Everyone has a life of their own, and your best friends are no exception to that.

Bossing your friends around

Being friends means to embrace equality, and the negation of this principle is a sure way to being unattractive and unwelcome. Those who insist on pushing themselves in the front, deciding everything, proclaiming themselves in charge of everything that is going on, will hardly be in favor with the people around.

Lying and cheating

Friendship – or, in fact, almost any other kind of relationship – implies honesty. Undoubtedly lying your way out of embarrassing situations, cheating about important issues, distorting the truth are behaviors that don’t go down well with other people. Those who proceed with such behaviors will surely find themselves devoid of true friends, having to rub shoulders with the people of their own kind. Will it be an enjoyable experience?

Throwing politeness out of the window

These who don’t court courtesy are truly unwelcome in a decent society. Nobody really wants to be offended or abused, especially in public, especially in a casual, easygoing manner. Impolite people who can always put you in an embarrassing position are shied away from by everybody. When there are things you don’t want to hear or see or you disagree with something, it’s no good to make rude comments, because other people may not see it through your eyes – but they are certain to think you are offensive.

Being both dependent and unreliable

We often turn to our friends and significant others for help and support – that’s the core of a relationship, and your friends will feel happy to help you out. But the big questions are: how often do you do it? And are you there for your friends when they need you? You won’t keep your friends for very long when they find out that you lean on them any time you feel weak, but you are slippery when they want to rope you in.

Being invariably negative

Unattractiveness and pessimism go hand in hand. People who habitually go for the darker side of things, take a dim view of everything in their and other people’s lives, make everyone feel gloomy very quickly. They should really stop and think how others see them and how they feel after being treated to a negative outlook on life. Make your friendship a bright and positive aspect of your life!