10 Side Effects of Mindful Living


Only idle people prefer not to write about mindfulness these days. Mindful nutrition, mindful communication, and mindful life. Yet, developing mindfulness is by no means a sweet process of spiritual grace. People who start working on themselves often face typical problems. We have collected the most frequent minuses of mindfulness, which accompany the process of internal growth.

1. The circle of your friends will reduce

You will begin to notice that the usual conversations with friends and acquaintances are not satisfying. Everything seems to be fine, but for some reason they are less interesting. You will no longer be able to maintain conversations about how bad everything is and how bad the people around you are, about the job that is not inspiring and the business that fails to develop, about the husband whom you despise or the wife who can be blamed for everything. You will stop playing games because you need at least two people in order to play by the rules. That is why your friends will find you a very uncomfortable person, who spoils the whole game and exposes the real situation all the time.

2. It will be hard for you to have the job you don’t like and do something that makes no sense.

Thus, you can either choose to join the current activity or change it dramatically. If the old work was associated with fear, habit or automatism, you will feel the difference immediately and will have to do something about it.

3. Your relationship will become weaker

Most of the relationships are not a single union of equal people. As a rule, they are nothing but a mix of interdependencies and compensations. Feeling that he is losing you, the partner will make every effort to get you back. Nevertheless, you will react with surprise and misunderstanding to all the reproaches as though they were the attempts of an alien to establish contact with you in the Martian language.

4. You will feel lonely

All the unnecessary and unreal connections that were built on insufficiency, emptiness, consumerism and selfishness will disappear. This new emptiness, which appeared out of nowhere, will scare you like an abyss, but then it will begin to be gradually filled with all the vigor that is inside you.

5. You cannot deceive either yourself or others

You will feel any inner untruth swell and grow inside you like Pinocchio’s growing nose. You will feel it in the words, thoughts, and actions. It will be just disgusting because every time you say the opposite of what you really think, you will feel that your soul is torn apart. And you cannot get rid of it.

6. You will suddenly find that people around you are affected severely

They do not suffer from a hard life. On the contrary, everything is fine with their lives. Yet, they have the illusion that something is wrong. If you used to be too busy living through your own suffering, now you will begin to feel the suffering of the people around you because you will no longer suffer yourself. At this moment, you will only want to help everyone, doing everything you can because it will be impossible for you to act otherwise.

7. You’ll be ashamed

You will feel ashamed for many of your past words and deeds because you will have to face the truth and admit that the source of all your problems is not someone else. It is you. As soon as you realize this, shame will go away, and its place will finally be filled with inner calmness.

8. You will talk less

You will forget everything that you said out of fear, envy, selfishness, and anger. You will not be able to write any criticism on social networks because this will cease to be important and necessary. Anyway, you will not write anything at all for some time because everything you have written before will seem delusional to you. It will turn out that silence is a treasure that we often fail to notice because of the bustle and the fast speed of successive events.

9. Your image of the world will collapse

You will understand that not only your opinion should necessarily be right. There is a multitude of different opinions, an infinite space of options and possibilities. All the restrictions are nothing but an illusion that you have invented.

10. You will have to take the responsibility for yourself

You will understand that you have nothing to expect from anyone, and no one owes you anything. Your life does not depend on external factors, a stupid boss, a dull partner, and the rate of bitcoin. It depends on you. You live the life you deserve, and you will have nothing else until you take the responsibility for what you’ve got. But at that very moment personal responsibility will cease to be a burden that you need to run away from. Instead, it will become the only true and logical order of things.

Day after day, everything that is superficial, artificial and hypocritical, will begin to crumble, exposing the inner emptiness. All the authentic things will be revealed: they will grow, break through, strengthen and take root. This is not a tender and pleasant process. Your habits and patterns of behavior will be ruined. But when you get out of the wreckage of your destroyed mental patterns, you will realize that it was for the better.