10 Reasons to Move to Singapore

If you have been to Singapore already, you are likely to have thought that you want to visit the country again. If you haven’t been there yet, you run a high chance that the idea will occur to you. Then you will have only one step from a purely touristic desire to enjoy life there for a while to a tentative thought: “Why not relocate to Singapore to stay?”

The tentative thought will take root quickly and grow into an informed decision because you are going to keep on discovering new reasons for the relocation – in all spheres of life.

1. Nowadays, when health concern has become preponderant with many people, Singapore manages to retain an envious health level – according to the information from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (via CNN), Singapore hovers at about the 100th place on the list of countries rated by Covid-19 registered cases and deaths. Definitely a terrain to feel safe in.

2. Close upon it follows the question of whether you are going to feel comfortable there. Again, statistic says an unhesitating “yes,” for Singapore ranks as the world’s 24th friendliest city. Natives’ attitude, navigation, physical safety, greenery come together to make your stay as pleasant as it can be.

3. Okay, it is a modern enough city to provide for a delightful two-week stay, but what about two (and more) years? A quick Internet inspection will soon eliminate any worries on this point. Like when you go to check on a LIV at Mountbatten and every imaginable state-of-the-art facility jumps at you from your monitor: location, connectivity, top restaurants near at hand, business district within a stone’s throw.

4. Business? You can’t really believe there are going to be any difficulties with your business. What with the commendable quality of life and one of the sturdiest Asian economies, you will be hard put to it to find something to complain about. Smooth sailing within a politically stable and legally strong harbor is what you need to take the frown off your face. The workforce is well-qualified and highly literate.

Will you be astonished to learn that quite a lot of businessmen have already chosen to relocate there?

Small wonder, since companies applying for the regional headquarters status are entitled to a concessionary tax rate depending on their activities carried out from Singapore.

5. What’s more, Singapore can boast of a healthy work-and-play balance. With the recreational opportunities, you will find there, all your worries will be dispersing almost as soon as they arise, and you may find you have never before had so many pleasures to pursue to eventually make your life fuller of life and meaning.

6. You can’t but benefit by getting the vibes of rich Singaporean culture with splashes of Malay, Chinese, Islam cultures mixed in. History buffs are sure to get their soulfuls, while innovation buffs won’t be disappointed. The country is well-populated, yet it offers wild reserves starting from within an hour’s journey from the city. The National Gallery (with the National Kitchen nearby!) caters to all excited by modern South Asian art.

7. Not forgetting to line the stomach, of course. Eating – excellent eating! – is inherent in Singapore’s culture. Singaporeans are considered to be swell cooks, and you can avail yourself of every possibility from eating meals prepared for you according to your wishes to cheap marketplaces if you delight in cooking at home. What a pleasure telling your friends what authentic Wanton Mee or Satay tastes like!

8. Kids! They will have at their disposal indoor jungle gyms or awesome public parks with play areas and amenities for hiking or education, actually, anything after your child’s heart – doing away with often-not-so-easy considerations about where or how to spend spare time for bonding with the younger generation or for effortless palling-up with other kids. You won’t be able to arrange picnics quite like your Singaporean ones anywhere else.

You are sure to find more and more pros while playing around with this idea, so items 9 and 10 are intentionally left for you to discover your personal arguments for moving to this welcoming spot on our globe.

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