Ferrari Espresso Machine is Where Car Race Lovers Will Be Getting Their Coffee

The die-hard car race crowd is going to get a way of their own to enjoy their espresso – gathering round this eye-catching espresso machine called the “Racepresso” and adorned with the renowned prancing horse effigy.

Racepresso Coffee Machine

The “Racepresso”, a brain-child of designer Ilgar Rustamov, is a coffee-selling replica of Formula 1 superstar Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari helmet, and what the hell if Schumacher’s loyalty is now with the Mercedes GP planet? There are enough Ferrari fans around that will take to the idea fast as a racecar!

Racepresso Coffee Machine

Neither Nespresso nor Ferrari has agreed to take up the “Racepresso” yet, but it may be just a matter of time… and money.

Source of the image: Yankodesign

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