85 Gift Ideas for Men

Your beloved man is going to celebrate his birthday soon, and you do not know what to present him with? We suggest reading about 85 gifts for a man.


  1. A bottle of wine harvested in the year of his birth.
  2. A successful enlarged photo in a frame or a collage of pictures.
  3. A set of glasses with his photo and an inscription.
  4. To a fan of a sports team – anything with the corresponding symbols.
  5. A romantic night at the hotel.
  6. A navigator.
  7. An annual subscription to his favorite magazine.
  8. A photo session for two.
  9. Laser paintball for the company.
  10. Various things for a fisherman (in the shop, you will definitely be recommended what to buy).
  11. A collection of his favorite movies.
  12. A sweater knitted by you.
  13. An evening of role-playing games (you are in a suit of a nurse, a waitress, etc.).
  14. A toolbox.
  15. Tickets to the skating-rink.
  16. Your poem in a frame.
  17. A helicopter with remote control.
  18. A gift certificate for go-karts.
  19. Using jolly jumper together.
  20. Samurai massage.
  21. A master-class in archery.
  22. A visit to the water park.
  23. A master-class in driving a motorcycle.
  24. A parachute jump.
  25. Scuba diving.
  26. Windsurfing.
  27. Segway for two.
  28. Paragliding.
  29. A master-class in throwing knives.
  30. Flying on a motoparaplane for two.
  31. A night tour on the rooftops for two.
  32. Darts.
  33. An electronic or paper book.
  34. A watch made with the symbols of your partner.
  35. A set for wine (whiskey, brandy).
  36. An automatic screwdriver.
  37. A car vacuum cleaner.
  38. An original leather belt.
  39. A carwash.
  40. Aerography for his car.
  41. A premium collection of his favorite music.
  42. Tires or wheel discs for his car.
  43. A certificate for a car wash.
  44. A decoration with a valuable inscription.
  45. An original card holder.
  46. A certificate for park attractions.
  47. A pneumatic gun (pistol).
  48. A scooter.
  49. Gold cufflinks.
  50. The “Monopoly” game.
  51. A leather briefcase.
  52. A Swiss watch.
  53. A souvenir knife.
  54. A jar.
  55. A romantic tour for two.
  56. Big football
  57. A Swiss knife collection.
  58. Pants with the embroidery made by you.
  59. A helicopter flight.
  60. A telescope.
  61. A mountain bike.
  62. A tie.
  63. A computer chair.
  64. A joint vacation day.
  65. A leather photo album in a simple style.
  66. A smoking pipe.
  67. Hookah.
  68. A star, named in his honor.
  69. A portrait of your man successfully painted from a photo by an artist.
  70. A tie-pin.
  71. A rubber boat.
  72. Computer gadgets.
  73. An original piggy bank.
  74. A gift shopping certificate in a sports store (or any other store – depending on the man’s interests).
  75. Tickets for the match of his favorite team.
  76. Designer glasses.
  77. A tattoo.
  78. An ordered pen with a little folding print (and some inscription) on it.
  79. A badge on a neck chain with his name.
  80. A USB-drive in a stylish package.
  81. A thermos for fishing.
  82. A tackle box for fishing, a case for his camera, etc. (depending on the man’s interests).
  83. A visit to a strip bar (if you’re jealous – perform your own dance at home).
  84. Fun souvenirs from an intimate gift store.
  85. Fragrances, aromatic candles for relaxation.