8 High-End Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Getting married is an enormous milestone in your life, and the people you choose to stand beside you will always be a part of your extended family. Groomsmen often pitch in, helping you set up your venue and plan your bachelor’s party, and attending the rehearsal and its following dinner.

You may want to thank your groomsmen for their support with a high-end gift but don’t know where to start. There is no one right answer, and your gift could range from luxury watches to cologne. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to wrap it nicely and include a heartfelt letter of appreciation. If your wedding date is fast approaching, here are eight high-end gift ideas for your groomsmen.

1. Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are a must-have for any gentleman. Besides, if you give your groomsmen matching luxury watches, they will look spectacular in your wedding photos. Many fantastic brands create long-lasting, attractive watches for men, and each brand offers a variety of styles. Depending on your groomsmen, you can choose flashy gold watches or buy a sportier, waterproof style from Omega.

If your groomsmen have differing personal styles, tailor their gifts to their personality. Instead of giving everyone the same watch, you could give your adventurous friend a watch designed for extreme temperatures or deep water and your friend with a classic, traditional style watch that has a design that takes inspiration from the past. When choosing the best luxury watch gifts, consider the bracelet’s color and metal type and if your groomsmen regularly wear other jewelry.

2. Cologne

Cologne is a wonderful gift for groomsmen since it’s a luxury gift many might not purchase for themselves. There is a variety of cologne scents available, from musky and outdoorsy to a more seductive scent perfect for nights out at the club.

It’s hard to choose the right scent, so your best option for giving a high-end cologne is choosing a set. Choose a set themed around your wedding theme. For example, if you’ve gone rustic, find a luxury brand with a set that explores the scents of the outdoors—like leather and cedar. If you have a spring wedding, you could choose one that celebrates the scents of spring instead. Choosing a set means that your groomsmen will get to try out several options from one brand. It’s also more likely they’ll fall in love with one of the scents if you give them three options instead of one.

3. Single Malt Whiskey and Personalized Flasks

Having a drink with your groomsmen before walking down the aisle is a time-honored tradition. Make it even more special by giving them a bottle of the same whiskey you share. A personalized flask or matching whiskey glasses are wonderful added touches.

Although the Scottish single malt whiskies are some of the best in the world, several Japanese whiskies are renowned, including Hakushu, which won the award for best single malt whiskey of 2020. Whether you want to give your groomsmen an award-winning whiskey or prefer to choose one on taste profile, your groomsmen will love their boozy gift.

4. High-End Cigars

Another long-standing tradition is smoking cigars to mark a joyous occasion. You can make the experience even more personal by giving your groomsmen an additional cigar to take home. Although Americans cannot buy Cuban cigars domestically, if you take a trip to Cuba, Canada, or Mexico, you can purchase them there and bring them back with you.

There are several high-end cigars to choose from, ranging from thick Gordo vitolas to elegant Panatela sticks. If you aren’t going abroad before your wedding, look for cigars from Rocky Patel and My Father’s Cigar factory, which are made in the USA but offer the same luxurious smoking experience as an authentic Cuban stogie.

5. Leather Wallets

Everyone needs a wallet, and a handmade leather piece will last longer and look classier. Your groomsmen will love this sleek yet practical gift. You can choose from bifold, breast wallets, credit card wallets, and smaller wallets. Whether you choose a luxury brand like Gucci or find a smaller leather maker specializing in wallets, your groomsmen will rave about your gift for years to come. To make the gift even more unique, ask the company to personalize them with each groomsman’s name and the wedding date.

6. Luxury Cufflinks

A set of cufflinks can pull a whole outfit together, adding a touch of personality or bringing a casual outfit up a notch. There are endless options of cufflinks available, too, so you can choose the perfect pair for your gift.

Whether you want something whimsical, formal, or cool, you can find a luxury cufflink option. Consider theming the cufflinks with your wedding. You could choose cufflinks that match your color scheme or aesthetic theme. Sterling silver is the most popular metal for cufflinks and goes with most outfits, but you can also find options in white or yellow gold.

7. Monogrammed Socks

A beautiful pair of monogrammed socks pairs nicely with a pair of cufflinks or a matching tie. Besides being a useful gift, your groomsmen will love the personalized reminder of the fantastic time they had at your wedding.

If your wedding is in the fall or winter, you could give your groomsmen cashmere socks to keep them warm, especially if the ceremony is outside. For spring and summer weddings, consider choosing a silk sock that is more breathable and perfect for warmer weather.

8. Luxury Pocket Knife

A pocket knife comes in handy in a variety of situations. Having one in your pocket is essential for opening packages or slicing fruit when hiking. A high-quality pocket knife made of durable materials can last for years, despite regular use.

Besides considering the blade’s steel, you can also choose high-end materials for the handle. Luxury pocket knives’ handles come in various materials, from polished Damascus wood to mammoth bone. If any of your groomsmen have to fly home after the wedding, just remind them to pack the knife in their checked baggage to avoid hassles with the TSA.

Make It Personal

Regardless of what you pick, your groomsmen will appreciate your gift more if it has a personal touch. Whether that means you ask for an engraving, include a thank-you card, or give each groomsman an individual gift that fits their personality, a personal touch is essential. For years after the wedding, your groomsmen can look back on their gift and remember the wonderful times you shared.

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