Indian Fashion: Popular Designer Kurta for College Going Girls

We love fashion. And luckily, fashionable clothes are not just limited to the Western outfits we all are used to. Let’s have a look abroad and find out what stylish looks are like in South Asia! There, kurta is very popular. What Is Kurta? It is a collarless tunic. It’s very wide-spread in South Asia, for example, in India or Singapore, and is worn both every day and on official occasions. Women wear kurtas with leggings or even jeans. There is also a shorter variant named kurti.

With schools and colleges starting soon, the pressure is on to dress to impress. At times, even a casual kurta can make a resounding fashion statement that can leave people in awe. AMPM is one of India’s leading ethnic wear designers and is sure to get you looking your best for your journey to the “back to school” look. The designer kurtas from AMPM will leave you looking elegant and timeless while still incorporating the casual look you need for college.

A Pink Kurta

Nothing says feminine quite like the colour pink does. This is a wardrobe staple for many girls, and it is easy to understand why. The pink Kurta has been an iconic part of Bollywood as well starting from the famous Indian movie, “Kurta in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. If you are not bold enough to do the full pink outfit, you can always tone it down with patterns and dual colour sets.

Plain Kurti with Dupatta

A dupatta works wonders to spice up your droll look on days where you don’t feel like putting in too much effort into your outfit. All you have to do is put on a plain kurta of any colour and accessorise it with a colourful dupatta. Your dupattas don’t have to be monochrome; instead, they can be crazy colours with clashing designs. You can be expressive with your dupattas without looking too out of place.

Kurti with a Waistcoat

A Kurti with a Waistcoat is sure to give you a distinguished look making you look mature and smart at the same time. We recommend this look for when you have an important presentation or speech to give you that extra edge and make sure your classmates take you seriously. This look gives you a complimentary silhouette.

Kurti with a Shrug

Tired of the same old Kurtis and looking for a way to accessorise, use a long shrug. Shrugs revamp your Kurtis making them look hep again. This is the best way to add a modern and elegant look to your updo without too much effort on your part.

Kurti Dresses

Kurti dresses are the newest craze in Indian ethnic wear. The lack of maintenance required as well as how good they make you look has left Indian girls everywhere go crazy for them. These Kurtis look good even when you are in a rush and can transform from a college look to a party look instantly.

White Kurti with Denim Jeans

Source of the image: Pinterest

Name a more iconic duo… No? That’s what we thought. The white Kurti and denim jeans have been a favourite of many college girls for many years. This is the perfect blend of both a traditional style as well as a modern one. It gives the wearer an edgy look while still following college dress code and most importantly, the jeans are comfortable to run in if required.

Kurti with Palazzo Pants

These may be the most comfortable choices on this list. The palazzo pants give both a casual as well as stylish look to the outfit and most importantly they are very comfortable to wear. These pants are perfect to wear in the summer months, proving that you can be both comfortable and stylish.


The style you use for college says a lot about you; it can project elegance, luxury, maturity, and approachability. With AMPM you can decide together what you want your clothes to say about you, even with casual Kurtis AMPM has managed to bring an indescribable elegance to your everyday wardrobe. The expert stylists are always at your disposal to make sure you look your best every day.

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