Do Pheromone Perfumes Work?

You can’t have missed adverts lauding all those pheromone perfumes and/or sprays designed to enhance your sexual allure and work wonders on your own and your partner’s libido. It’s enchanting to believe that it takes just one spraying to grow by degrees in attractiveness; but something within us remains skeptical and wants to learn how it works and how much it really guarantees to achieve. Well, this is the right approach, and here is the lowdown.

To begin with: what exactly are pheromones?

Our bodies generate signaling molecules that influence our current feelings and performance; pheromones, on a par with hormones, cytokines, and neurotransmitters, function like this. Pheromones are specific due to their being exuded through bodily fluids – sweat, urine, while breathing – and are easily picked up by people we come in contact with (and can affect their behaviour).

This phenomenon is mostly characteristic of species of animals and some instincts when they mate, but of humans as well.

There is a sort of moleculas that create hormonal effects in our and other people’s bodies. Take oxytocin that is conducive to relaxation and experiencing better connection with others – the effect which earned it the appellation of the “cuddle” or “bonding” chemical.

Also, a pheromone kind of chemical is androstenedione – which, if contained in male sweat in a higher than average concentration, is believed to attract the women in the vicinity.

Still, scientists are not of one mind over the subject. Some of them are dubious whether pheromones are really functioning in humans as they are believed to.

As for the animal world, scientists are mostly in agreement that phermomnes are highly active there. When your pet cat comes up to rub against you, it leaves behind on your clothes strong pheromones from its muzzle. When a dog leaves its mark on a tree or a bush it does the same. The left scent proclaims ownership. Some people claim they really feel pheromones left on their pillows by their partners – but then again, it may not be pheromones but the lingering odor of their deodorant or toilet water.

The main reason behind the problem with pheromones is they are supposed to have no scent – but the body liquids and excretions that convey them do smell. Tears, sweat, everything the body exudes carry a lot of pheromones; yet people are prone to dislike these smells (especially urine), and when the reaction happens to be positive it might lend itself to an explanation with difficulty. You know these cases when a person is repelled by other people’s natural smells but doesn’t mind, or accepts easily, the smell of their partner.

What do pheromone products contain?

When the label says the product contains pheromones guaranteed to enhance allurement, there is no telling whether it is really so. It may even contain no active ingredients whatsoever. The FDA of this country has no means to regulate such products and/or supplements; it’s up to you to trust or mistrust the manufacturer‘s assertion.

Supposing there are pheromones among the ingredients; the next point to know is where they came from. If the pheromones are canine, they will attract dogs; porcine pheromones will produce effect on pigs. You will want human pheromones!

The fact is, producing as well as synthesizing human pheromones for introduction them into a perfume or a spray is a precarious proposition so far, for which reason plant compounds are often used to achieve the desired effect. The effect of these “plant pheromones” is again doubtful, and no one actually knows whether you will get your result.

Are pheromone perfumes potent enough to endear you to someone you like?

Having got an earful (or an eyeful) of all these enticing adverts, you may believe pheromone-containing products are sure to inspire a romantic attitude in the person you have set your sights on. Now this is definitely out of question. Even if you hit upon the sweet product that uses authentic human pheromones, they will never work like a magic spell. The effect would never be powerful enough to subdue the target person’s strong unwillingness or antipathy.

Sadly, there is nothing magic about pheromones, and they are unable to forcibly make people fall in love with you; what they can do is pave the way to sympathy and compatibility. Once you’ve got the person who captured your fancy evince interest in you, pheromones can take them further along the way. The thing is, they‘d better be your own pheromones for the best result, carried by your own fluids. Pheromones are highly individual, and so is the effect.

Do not overplay the impact of pheromones: it is the person who applied a pheromone spray who gets the most benefit out of it. Those people who find you attractive and desirable can feel the effect and react more emotionally, but with a stranger you don’t stand a lot of chance that pheromones will reach out so strongly as to create an instant and strong attraction.

Do pheromones increase your attraction?

They don’t make you a cynosure of all the eyes around you, no, but there are things they can do: they can create a more relaxed atmosphere conducive to more emotional contacts and open-hearted attitudes.

If carefully prepared, pheromone products and scents tend to take the edge off stress, make you disposed to take things easier, help you go to sleep. Sex drive derogated by stress and/or uncertainty and doubts will regain its usual strength.

Having succumbed to suchlike effects, you are sure to act with more self-assurance, openness and sex appeal. If you have this belief rooted in your mind, you may reap your rewards even though the actual effect of the product is too subtle to win other people over.

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