Christopher Brosius: I Hate Perfume Fragrances

Christopher Brosius has been creating a collection of unusual smells for almost twenty years. One of his first fragrances was the Library, the smell of the library. And in 2004, his own line of fragrances “CB: I Hate Perfume” apperared.

Christopher Brosius new fragrances

One of the first Christopher’s breakthroughs was the ‘Dirt’ fragrance. In this bottle, there were the author’s reminiscences and memories about the beds of vegetables, about growing herbs and flowers on the family farm in Pennsylvania.

Another milestone was the “Snow” fragrance which had won in its time so many prestigious perfume awards.

Christopher himself says, “I hate perfume, it’s a lazy and tasteless concession to fashion. Too often they replace the real charm and style. A strong flavor is an arrogant slap in the face given by a man from across the room. People who smell the same, disturb me.”

Currently, the “CB: I Hate Perfume” collection has 36 fragrances, with the price ranging from $65 to $275 per vial (the volumes are from 2 to 150 ml).

What are those smells, after all? There are “Russia”, “Kitchen”, “Tea”, “Winter 1972”, “Memory”, and “Celebration” fragrances. And that is how, for example, the “November” smell track is described: pumpkin pie, fire, fallen apples, wood smoke, dry grass, fallen leaves, wet twigs, damp moss, chanterelles, and a pine forest in the distance.

Answering the journalist’s question about describing his work in two or three words, Christopher replied that he created a “smell life”.

Source of the image: Trendland.