And, Breathe: 4 Calming Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress

Are you looking for natural ways to soothe anxiety and relieve stress in your life? Then you may benefit from essential oils and aromatherapy.

The highest-quality essential oils are pure, cold-pressed oils that come from different parts of the plant.

They’re very concentrated, which is why they come in small bottles. You may need to dilute them with a carrier oil or water before using them.

Keep reading to discover 4 of the best essential oils for anxiety that you can use at home to relieve stress and tension.

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for anxiety that offers almost instant relief. It’s a potent and very fragrant oil that you must dilute in another oil or water before using it as it can quickly become overpowering and have the opposite effect.

Lavender oil is efficient in soothing symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, worry, and an overactive mind. You can also use it to fall asleep faster, calm the nerves before a big event, and manage restlessness.

2. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil has a sweet, floral scent that’ll lift your mood and help you with anxiety and stress relief. Much like a calming cup of chamomile tea, the oil has soothing properties that can also promote better sleep.

Chamomile is a common ingredient in any quality calming essential oil blend. You can use it in a diffuser, a warm bath, or massage a few diluted drops onto the skin. There are two main types of chamomile:

Roman and German. They have similar soothing properties but differ in terms of strength and purpose.

German chamomile has a sweet scent and smells like dried grass, while Roman Chamomile has a lighter, fresher floral fragrance. Roman is mostly used for calming anxiety and nerves, while German can also soothe inflammation and mild pain in the body.

3. Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil comes from rose petals and has a sweet, flowery scent that’ll remind you of a fresh rose bouquet. You can use the oil diluted on skincare products, bubble baths, aroma diffusers, or inhale it directly. It can help with anxiety, stress, relaxation, and mood regulation.

Note that essential oils are not the same as fragrance oils in terms of ingredients and properties, but if you’re looking for an aromatherapy experience, either type will work.

4. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang is one of the most relaxing essential oils due to its calming, soothing properties. The oil is derived from the plant flowers and has a tropical, relaxing scent. Ylang ylang can also help reduce stress, improve your mood, and soothe anxiety.

You can use Ylang ylang in a diffuser, apply it diluted topically on the skin, or inhale it directly from the bottle.

Try These Oils for Anxiety Soothing Today

Now that you know what the best essential oils for anxiety are, it’s time to create an at-home spa experience. Fill up your bathtub, get your aroma diffuser, play some soothing music and relax.

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