Moving to a New City: Lea Jones Shares 5 Simple Ways on How to Adapt

Having a home base where you can feel comfortable and completely at peace is one of the best feelings in the world. But what if that place suddenly becomes uprooted? What happens when you’re faced with the new adventure of moving to a completely new city and perhaps somewhere you’ve never been? Although you have the power to control where you want to be, sometimes, opportunities bring us to new places – and that’s okay if you know how to adapt to the change.

Adapting to Change

While packing up and moving somewhere new can be stressful, it’s important to find the joys in the process and what this new adventure can bring. This transition may terrify you, challenge you, and defeat you at times, but ultimately it will push you to where you want to be and help you to grow as an individual.

For Lea Jones, a successful businesswoman in Orlando, Florida, moving to a new city not only helped establish her promising career in pharmaceuticals, but it also allowed her to grow into the vibrant, spiritual woman she is today. Below she shares five things she learned about adapting to a new city throughout her relocation process. Maybe her tips will be helpful to you next time you’re adapting to a new place.

Remember how brave you are

Moving somewhere completely new can be a major shock to our emotional state. Home is our safe place; it’s our location to hide and regroup from the outside world. Naturally, it will take a lot of courage to decide to uproot everything and move to a completely new place. Where will your safe place be now? Will your new home make you feel the same way? In fact, you are to create your home again – and that in itself takes courage. Tell yourself how brave you are to be making this move – and believe it! Although it might take time, before you know it you will feel at home in your new house.

Choose a place you feel comfortable

Although you may not always have control on location, you do have the power to make it a comfortable transition. Finding a comfortable home will make any move a lot less stressful. Make sure that whatever home you choose, it fits your lifestyle. For example, Lea Jones made it a priority to find a home with a beautiful, spacious kitchen. As a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys cooking, spending time in the kitchen made her transition a lot easier. And, she could benefit from the wonderful meals that result.

Find all the essentials

Whether you’re relocating alone or with family, it’s important to understand the lay of the land and know the locations of things that are essential to your lifestyle. Finding hospitals, grocery stores, public transit stops, schools or daycares, yoga studios or gyms, and anything else that might be important to you either before or upon arrival will help you cover all the essentials and adjust to the move faster as you will be comfortable with your new area. You should also ensure that important contact information is gathered. If you’re renting, make sure to get the number for your property manager or landlord, so that if you have any issues upon arrival, you’ll know what to do. Finding everything early on can help you to adapt to your new home and you can spend time finding how to get about the city to your favorite locations.

Get involved & meet new people

Although you may feel apprehensive, get involved as much as you can. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Go to coffee shops and find out about upcoming events in the area. Try out a fitness class and make friends with fellow gym-goers. Volunteer at charities that are meaningful to you. Find a local book club nearby. The more you put yourself in places that fit your interests, the easier it will be to find people you resonate with and new friends that are in your neighborhood.

Get out of your house

One of the best ways to get used to your new location is to put on your shoes and go for a walk around your neighborhood. Not only will you gain a better appreciation for your neighborhood, you might find some places you would have otherwise missed while driving such as parks or shops.

Trust the Process

If you’re adjusting, or will soon be adjusting to a new city, Lea Jones’ advice can help make the transition a little easier for you. Her list of five simple ways of adapting to a new city can go a long way. Remember that life is a process and often the best way to learn about and improve yourself is to step out of your comfort zone.