Women Generally Wear £1,000 Worth on Themselves


On the average a British woman wears £1,000 in clothes and accessories on her at any given time, concludes a recent survey of 3,000 people.


The study commissioned by Sheila’s Wheels home insurance added up the cost of every single item a woman needs to step outside – clothes, jewelry, the contents of the handbag, cell phone – and came up with this figure!

According to the estimation, the typical woman’s clothes come up to about £167, with lingerie costing £26, a skirt £30, shoes £51, and a top with a jacket or a cardigan worth £60 on the average.

A handbag for £106 with a purse and everything it holds for about £146, a handset for something like £106 and a £76 watch complete the ensemble. Then comes the jewelry worth in the vicinity of £378, and here is the £1,000 total accounting for a satisfying appearance.

It is about £100 more than what can be seen on an average man, who usually goes for inexpensive jeans and a shirt (but not for his cell phone!).

A spokesperson for Sheila’s Wheels home insurance summed up: “While celebrities wouldn’t be seen out without their designer clothes and handbag this survey shows £1,000 is enough to give most British men and women the feel-good factor.”

Source of the image: sxc.hu/profile/plethr.