Rules of Carrying Accessories for Minimalistic Souls

Many people who love being minimalistic believe accessories are not for them. You can’t be more wrong if you have been ditching accessories all your life, forsaking pieces of jewelry and just about anything that would be there under the accessories section in a store. Some accessories complement people who love being minimalistic in the most amazing ways. All you have to do is find jewelry with less bling. The rule of the thumb is to stick to jewelry as well as other accessories that are not too colorful or too thick. Here’s a list of rules of buying the most common accessories that go well with the modern living trends.


If you are planning to go minimalistic, the best kind of rings for you would be band-like rings. A band like rings that are nothing more than 1.5 mm would be a perfect fit for you, without making your fingers look overwhelmingly occupied with stones and metal. If you love diamonds way too much to keep them out of a ring, you can as well try to find diamond studded band-like ring. As you go about choosing a ring for yourself, try sticking to colors, like golden and rose-gold.


When you are looking for a nice necklace that you could wear every day without it being gaudy, choose a necklace with the thinnest chain. The hue of gold should be very close to the color of your skin. If you are fair complexioned, silver would be a good option too. Now it all comes down to choosing the right kind of pendant. Ensure that the pendant is small, with smaller stones of shades that don’t capture too much attention. You can also look for alphabet pendants or other cool symbols, like infinity and heart.


Most people who have a minimalistic sense of fashion would dread the thought of having to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses cover most of the face, and yet, if you live in a sunny place, you can’t just keep avoiding wearing sunglasses. Moreover, not wearing sunglasses can cause damage to your eyes. Here, being a little careful about the color palette would help you choose the kind of sunglasses that you would be able to wear without compromising on your sense of minimalism. Also, choose the right size of glasses: not too big, not too small.


For bracelets, the rule goes pretty much like that for a necklace. Choose a chain that wraps your wrist and yet is barely visible. The color options remain the same- rose gold or golden and, based on your complexion, silver. If you are okay with layering, you can as well go with a couple of more layering in the bracelet. Minimalistic bracelets look good when you wear dresses with a soft palette, like peach colored, light pink, off-white, etc.


Earrings are pretty easy to choose for people who wouldn’t want to draw all the attention to their ears. All you need to find is whether you would like stones, pearls, or just metal. These days, you would even find threaded earrings, meaning a strand of metal that would hang like a thread from your ears. They aren’t bulky and give the right kind of look to your minimalistic sense of fashion.


Belts are more functional than aesthetic. So, while choosing a belt, try sticking to black, darkest shade of blue, or brown. Also, try looking for belts that aren’t too wide. Since you are not a big fan of accessories, you can find belts with no big buckles. All you need is a buckle that holds your belt together.

This is how you can buy different accessories if you can’t stop being minimalistic in your approach with accessories. All that matters is the size of the accessory and colors that are used in the accessory. Even as you go for colorful accessories, try sticking to a single color or at most a combination of two colors. Having more than two colors in the accessory would rob it of the sense of minimalism and make it overwhelmingly colorful.

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