Rings over Gloves Are Trendy Again – But in Another Way

Pandemic and quarantine are no reason for many fashionistas to give up what they love. Frequent hand washing and the use of antiseptics did not help stop the spread of the new virus, so doctors recommend leaving the house in protective gloves.

They can’t be called beautiful (and they shouldn’t be like that), but fashionistas found the way out. The anti-virus manicure was used, and the girls decided to add piquancy to their image with familiar jewelry worn directly over the protective equipment.

Any gloves can be adorned – not everyone wears medical or rubber gloves, many people wear decorative lace gloves instead. Fashionable minimalist jewelry is not popular yet: the most luxurious rings and bracelets by Cartier are used.

Most women of fashion do not take the sudden trend seriously. It’s especially scary to take off disposable gloves and accidentally throw them away together with the Cartier ring. We hope this does not happen to you. Fashion is always good, but first of all, we advise you to think about health.

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