Is Now the Perfect Time to Redecorate Your Home?

It’s been something you have wanted to do for some time now. Each day you look around your beloved home, and think of all the things you want to change and add. All the pins you have saved to your Pinterest begin to taunt you, as if they’ve been left neglected and unthought of. But you do think about it, all the time.

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know by now that a lot of the world is in near lockdown and we’ve all be told to stay home. These are troubling times, and for some of us being confined can send us a little stir crazy. So, perhaps now is the perfect time to redecorate your home? It’s a great way to keep yourself occupied while bringing new life to your humble abode!

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to transform a room, one thing you can do is try a new paint color on your walls. Start by thinking about what you want the end product to look like. Maybe you want a single feature wall, or even two? The beautiful thing is, it’s entirely up to you! Then, pick a color, keeping in mind the end result and working from there. When painting your walls, the possibilities are endless!

You can also rearrange your furniture around to make a room feel like a completely different space. Consider the function of the room, whether it be where you sleep or where you cook. Prioritise big furniture first, and use smaller pieces to fill in any space while trying to avoid clutter! Make sure to maintain a good flow throughout the room, because you know, feng shui and stuff.

Now that we have repainted and rearranged, it’s time to get all those statement pieces you have been dying to get. Whether that be a particular couch or ottoman, buy the things that bring you joy!

A stylish and fun way to dress up a blank wall space is by adding a neon sign. For a sleek and classy way to enhance the ambiance in any room, use neon word art to bring warmth and light to the space. Or, for an artsy twist, neon wall art is a great way to incorporate a pop of color with a little edge. The great thing about neon signs is that they are super easy to install, and they’re timeless so they won’t go out of style!

If you haven’t already, add greenery to any and every room. This shouldn’t be news to you, but having greenery in any space actually makes people a lot happier. Not only do they look good, but they are also good for your health. They take in the bad stuff we breathe out, and turn it into good stuff for us to breathe in, which helps to freshen the air and eliminate toxins!

The most popular indoor plant of choice is a Fiddle-Leaf Fig, but I find them to be rather temperamental. I recommend a Peace Lily, they are lush and full of life but do need a little more attention. Definitely do your research before buying any plants, because there is nothing sadder than an unhappy plant. Otherwise, you can always get yourself a fake one, but they won’t provide your space with as much goodness!

So, now you have the basics to take on the task of redecorating your home! But hurry, and get started now, because we don’t want to leave anything undone when all the madness of the world comes to an end and it’s time to go back to reality.

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