Paris Fashion Week – Balenciaga

This season Nicolas Ghesquiere sacrificed his favorite futuristic theme to affectionate femininity. The designer revised all former Balenciaga collections and created the clothing line of drape skirts, sari, printed scarves and footwear that seemed to encompass all motives of the show.

Balenciaga Pink Silk Skirt

Silk, velvet and sateen were major fabrics used in the collection. We also saw shoulder pads revival a la 80-s and Dynasty TV series.

Balenciaga Black and White Jacket and Grey Pants

Ghesquiere says his heroine is a true Parisienne. And critics defined what they’ve seen as “elegance”.

Balenciaga Black Velevet Feminine Dress

Balenciaga Fashion

Balenciaga Black and White Dress

Balenciaga Black Velvet Long Dress

Balenciaga Futuristic Dress

Balenciaga Futuristic Colorful Dress

Balenciaga Jacket and Pants

Balenciaga White Silk Skirt

Nicolas Ghesquiere

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