Most Popular Color of 2013 by Pantone

Pantone Color Institute, an internationally recognized standard keeper of the color palette, annually announces the most popular color of the year. It is typical that this trendy hue should be called the discovery of the year. The color of the year inspires designers, stylists, and makeup artists. In 2012, this was the bright tangerine shade. According to Pantone experts, the year of 2013 will be marked by the domination of the Emerald color (PANTONE 17-5641).


Why Emerald?

If you think that the choice of the most popular color of the year is random or spontaneous, you are wrong. The representatives of Pantone Color Institute argue that this is a very thoughtful process. Before the experts make the right choice, they analyze not only the world’s catwalks. The appearance of new colors is affected by new movies, the pictures of modern artists, celebrities, popular tourist destinations and the socio-economic situation in the world in general. New technologies, the emergence of innovative materials and phenomena, and even sports events of global significance contribute to the choice of the color of the year.

Remember the tendencies and trends of past years and compare them with the forecast made by Pantone. For sure, you will see that the most popular color of the year is not just a random selection of shades.

Last year, Mandarin was the most popular color, in 2011 it was Honeysuckle, Turquoise was chosen in 2010, Mimosa was popular in 2009, Iris was the color of the year 2008, and chili pepper shade was trendy in 2007.

What Does PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald Mean?

Does it mean that everyone will walk around as green as frogs? Of course, it will not be like that. Emerald is just a source of inspiration. It is up to you to choose the shade of emerald that seems good to you. The leading designers of the world, whom Pantone Color Institute invited to collaborate, have defined a palette of spring shades (Spring 2013 season), which must have something to do with the emerald color.


Emerald Color in Makeup

Green eye shadows, nail polishes, and eye liners are the findings of 2013. But how can you choose them? There are a few simple tips:

  • Choose the green color to match the tone of your skin. Rich shades of green can suppress the light skin tone. If you have fair skin, stick to the light shades of green. On the contrary, if the skin is dark or suntanned, take a look at the darker and brighter emerald color.
  • The texture is important. Avoid matte and satin finishes in favor of more appropriate and shimmering metallic shades.
  • Mix emerald with other shades. As a rule, the green color in makeup rarely looks well enough, when not combined with any other color. Green should be set off and mixed. For smoky eyes eye makeup, one should choose the shades of gold and brown colors since they match the emerald hue. Emerald and purple would be a particularly bold combination of colors.
  • The emerald color on the nails is synonymous to luxury. Emerald nail art with the use of red and gold nail polishes will be perfect for some special occasion.
  • The good news is that emerald eye shadows fit all types of eye color. The most successful and impressive application is emerald eye shadows with brown and light brown eyes.
  • In Sephora stores in the U.S. and on, one can find special products on sale. They are created in collaboration with Pantone, in accordance with “the most popular color of the year” project.


Emerald in Clothes

In its releases, Pantone writes that emerald green is suitable for almost any occasion. It has been used on the world’s catwalks for several seasons in a row. One can find it in the collections of clothing and even at the red carpet events. One of the particular features of the green color this year is that it started to be used in men’s fashion. Thus, men will also wear colored (emerald-green) jeans and suits. The most luxurious combination of colors is emerald and dark blue. Emerald shoes and accessories is yet another innovation of the year 2013.

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