More Than Half of Men Cannot Be Trusted to Choose Lingerie

To have a man buy lingerie for his lovely lady means to run a fairly high risk of ending up with an unwanted piece of clothing, a study commissioned by Gossard has shown.


Of 3,000 women polled there are 60 per cent cases when, purchasing underwear for their partners, men come back home with a piece that is a smaller size than necessary. About the same number of blokes go and buy it too big – which, strangely enough, puts the same idea into women’s heads that they are too fat in their men’s eyes!

But it’s the style that causes the most objections. Unfortunately, in many cases men go for something they would like to see on their curvy half, which is often wide off the mark.

The 4th reason for complaining is that the lingerie looks too tarty, while (the study informs) the 10th reason states that it is not as tarty as it should be. Also men can get items that are too frumpy (Objection Eight) or out of fashion (Objection Seven).

A spokeswoman for Gossard thinks that this state of affairs is “amusing” and it’s no big deal to get to know the correct size before going shopping by the simple expedient of looking through the underwear drawer of the adored woman.

It’s also a good idea to mark the colors she prefers and avoid hearing the accusation that the color is totally wrong, that holds an impressive fifth pace.

The ninth objection that the lingerie is too itchy is also something to be considered… So when you men want to play a Good Fairy to your beautiful Cinderella, try and get the shopping magic just right!

Source of the image: Styletips101.

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