Men Shop Better


Men proved to be better shoppers than women, making the necessary buys quicker and more efficiently – such are the (surprising?) findings of a survey of 3,000 people commissioned by Austin Reed. And that is notwithstanding the fact that women go shopping more frequently.

Man with shopping basket

Naturally, ladies are wont to treat shops as if they were museums – they go about looking at things, trying things on and often come back home without buying anything.

“Women treat shopping as a day out,” summed up a spokesman for Austin Reed, adding that men set about buying things in a business-like fashion. While women are curious whether they will be able to come across something yet more exciting, men hardly take longer than 26 minutes to grab what they came for.

Moreover, 75% of blokes claimed that once they decided to go shopping for something they get it the first time round – a statement that was endorsed by only 45% of female shoppers.

As a bit of side news, the survey showed that men are ready to fork out more money on new items of clothing… of course not forgetting new gadgets!

The spokesman called men “more focused” and “efficient” when in shops, to be relied on for making reasonable buys of things that will last for long.

Source of the image: Photl.