La Senza Lingerie Line Summer 2013

La Senza launches the May collection according to the key trends of the season. The collection will include lace, watercolor shades, and animalic prints. A few classic collections have got a new life due to a refreshing mix of candy and lollypop colors and unusual trimming.


Intricate lace, embroidery, sparkling rhinestones and lurex decorate the lingerie from the Show Off collection (several variants of the cup and five ways of fastening straps), Hello Sugar collection (an adjustable push-up which increases the breast up to two sizes) and Beyond Cleavage collection (it shapes the neckline in a beautiful way). The accents are made due to using neon blue and leopard prints. This bright trendy detail is an integral part of La Senza and is present in many sets of the summer 2013 season.



The novelty of the summer is an unusual bustier made of delicate lace with a soft supporting element. One should wear it for the bustier to be visible – for example, under a transparent blouse.

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