John Galliano Summer 2012 Wristwatch Collection

The summer wristwatch collection by John Galliano reminds of the collection of bags presented by the same brand: colors, love of glamorous glitter of crystals, and functionality.

John Galliano Summer 2012 Wristwatch Collection

The collection by Galliano is designed on the basis of the famous Galliano Gazette print. Wristwatches with a double steel or metal bracelet and a Gothic “g” have been released in two sizes: 42 and 38 mm. The aluminum bezel is decorated with crystals of different colors.

The second seasonal collection has a long and romantic name PARLEZ-MOĺ D’ETERNITÉ AND PARLEZ MOĺ D’AMOUR (Talk with me forever, and tell me about love). It consists of two versions: the military style and the style of the brand perfume Parlez Moì d ‘Amour.

The third collection – Colourist – includes the same newspaper print and is characterized by a kaleidoscopic abundance of colors and a Gazette print on the bracelet.

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