Fashion Trends 2021: How to Wear a Bra-Top?

This season, the bra-top has become one of the most coveted wardrobe items. We will tell you how to wear a bra-top and what to wear it with in order to look attractive, but not too revealing.

It is not the first season that the bra-top maintains its position. It has become as common as the white T-shirt. Despite belonging to the lingerie style, today this trend fits neatly into the everyday look. In winter, designers preferred warmer fabrics – wool or cashmere, but in the summer season, there can be a variety of options: cotton, linen, leather, silk – depending on the occasion and mood. Knitted tops are also appropriate in the summer if they are made using the crochet technique. In a bright shade or monochrome, with or without a print, the bra-top will be the perfect companion both in hot summer weather and on cooler days.

With a skirt

Combining a skirt and a cropped top, you can get many different looks, from romantic to daring ones. A leather bra-top combined with a simple denim skirt and sneakers will create a comfortable, everyday look in a casual style.

It is in summer that you can wear a minimum of clothes. If you feel uncomfortable in the urban jungle wearing a top, wear a cropped sleeve shirt.

With a jacket

In summer, you can repeat the topical image that street style bloggers often showed. For hot weather, it is perfect to have a combination of a miniskirt (another absolute summer trend) or high-rise jeans, a bra top and a jacket draped over.

With a midi skirt and boat shoes

For a feminine and romantic look, wear a top with a midi-length flared skirt and boat shoes. In this stylization, the “color block” technique will look advantageous (this is the art of combining bright shades). The main thing is not to use more than 3-4 colors in one look to be organic.

Summer is the time to dress brightly and be the center of attention. But if you are an adherent of monochrome looks and are not ready for a varied palette, take a bright silk scarf and tie it like a bandana or weave it into your hair.

With leather things

A leather pencil skirt with a biker jacket and a short, tight top will help you create a daring urban look, in which it is simply impossible to remain unnoticed. Cossack shoes with steady heels are ideal for an evening out.

With a bulky shirt

For a cooler season, the bra can be worn over a chunky shirt paired with flared jeans. This trendy combination is especially suitable for those who do not like to expose their body in the city. Wear a sheer organza or chiffon shirt for a more dramatic look.

With a trouser suit

This is the perfect combination for an office – a pantsuit + a bra-top. When choosing a suit and giving preference to fabrics, be guided by the weather – linen for hotter days and, for example, viscose for cooler days. If you want to make the look less strict, replace the jacket with an oversized shirt.

In the evening, add bright accessories: oversized earrings, tiered necklaces, a silk scarf, or a felt hat and go to a meeting with friends. Hailey Bieber, for example, loves matching bra-tops with a pantsuit.

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