Hottest 2021 Fashion Trends to Avoid

Not all trends of this summer and the coming autumn are destined for a happy life. Some will not last even a couple of seasons, others have already managed to set the teeth on edge. Today we are figuring out which of the trends definitely do not deserve your attention.

Anti-trends are things that everyone, young and old, has hunted for several seasons in a row. At some point, there were so many trendy things that they lost their value and uniqueness. It is difficult to keep up with new trends in the fashion world, but getting rid of the old is not at all easier. The main thing is to understand what is out of fashion and what may still be popular.


The shoe option came back to us from the 2000s and is now one of the trends this summer. By the way, this shoe option is available in almost every brand. But still, this trend is very specific. These shoes will look really cool in boho or even country style, but this style should be very organic for you. This trend can hardly be called long-term, so if you have not bought cloggs yet, you should not do this.

Micro skirts

These are very short straight models with a low fit. Yes, they are back in fashion again, but what an impractical trend it is: you can only stand in such a skirt, and it is not suitable for every occasion. This does not mean that mini-skirts should not be worn at all. Basic high-rise models will be more practical.


Knitted mini-shorts or, in a simple way, knitted underpants. A very complex trend that is not easy to present in a city in a way that would be appropriate. Where can you go wearing them? To the office – definitely not. To a party – strange, to the gym – you will get hot. This trend is great for photography and street style, but the item of clothing is questionable for the common life.


This watercolor print has been relevant for several seasons, but it is still fading away. Baseball caps, handbags, and T-shirts with tie-dye print can be seen this summer. But still, the same baseball cap in a basic or bright color will be much easier to combine. Still, this print needs to be felt and skillfully fit into sets of clothes.

Pillow bags

A trend, which, of course, can make an image look effective. From a practical point of view, the trend is meaningless. Well, think: you can go out with such a bag one day, but if you do this twice, it will be already strange.

Besides, such bags are reminiscent of winter options and look controversial in the summer. Among the entire range of trends, you can definitely find more successful bag options.

Mirror sunglasses

Of course, mirrored glasses will not fit into any image, but such glasses have long gone out of fashion and will only spoil the impression of the image. It is better to give preference to models with lenses of more natural colors. This season, glasses should be light and graceful so as not to overwhelm the image.

Cycling shorts

Yes, you are not mistaken. This wardrobe item has been too popular for the last few seasons: there were so many cycling shorts that they have already tired the eye, and now it is extremely difficult to imagine a stylish and unbroken image with their participation. Stylists now prefer Bermuda shorts, which look much more interesting and complement the image in a new way.

Skinny jeans

You know exactly about these jeans. Many people like such models, but if there were no such models in your wardrobe and you are in doubt whether to take them or not, it is better to postpone the purchase indefinitely.

Wide or flared jeans are fashionable now – these are completely different jeans. If you have a lot of tight pants in your wardrobe, then replace them with more trendy ones or put them in a box on the mezzanine: their return to fashion will definitely happen.

Belt bags

This is a highly controversial anti-trend, as it is a very convenient item in any wardrobe. Nobody forces you to get rid of them, but it is worth taking a closer look at the newer models that can now be found in stores. Fans of elegant looks should make a choice in favor of small handbags, which can also be worn on the belt.

Massive footwear

Balenciaga sneakers are no longer as popular as they used to be. Now they have been replaced by moccasins with very thin soles. Such shoes should not be bought under any pretext. It is difficult to combine them with any images since moccasins almost always look inappropriate.

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