Lifehacks for Making Your Breakfast Healthy

Breakfast is perhaps the main meal of the day. It helps to launch key processes in the body and energize it for the whole day. A good breakfast will energize the day and reduce anxiety. That is why it should be as rich as possible – both in terms of taste and healthiness. Today we are sharing a few simple tricks that will help you make your favorite breakfast even tastier and healthier.

Porridge + fruits and nuts

Porridge is the most famous, fast, and high-calorie breakfast option. Nevertheless, who loves to eat oatmeal (buckwheat, millet) without any side products? Add banana, apricots, strawberries – any fruit of your choice to the porridge, and breakfast will become much more complete and enriched with vitamins.

Nuts will be a powerful addition – they contain the fats the body needs. But do not overdo it with nuts because they are very fatty and high in calories on their own.

Cottage cheese + fruits and bran

Cottage cheese for breakfast is one of the most popular dishes, which will be even better if you add fruits and bran, rich in antioxidants and micronutrients. You can puree the ingredients or lay them on a plate separately, so you will get cottage cheese plus fruit salad. Which option to choose is a matter of taste. Both options have the same benefits for the body. Cottage cheese is enriched with calcium and phosphorus, while fruits are enriched with fiber. The perfect combination for a great start to your day!

Kefir + homemade muesli

Any fermented milk product mixed with a serving of healthy muesli will be a great breakfast! For example, kefir. Muesli can be made on your own so that you can adjust the amount of sugar. Combine oatmeal flakes, bran, different seeds (you can pre-fry them a little in a pan without oil), chopped nuts, and toasted sesame in a 1:1:1 ratio. Your healthy breakfast is ready!

Bruschetta + vegetables/fruits/herbs

The classic Italian antipasto appetizer fits the definition of an atypical breakfast. Make some brown bread bruschetta with different flavors and fillings: tomato, basil, and soft cheese; avocado with fish or strawberries; pear with cheese and basil – don’t be afraid to improvise.

Fruit salad + yogurt

It is not just breakfast, but a delicious vitamin dessert! Fruit with natural yogurt: kiwi, apple, pear, mango, banana, berries, melon pieces – a juicy combo for the most cheerful morning. Fruit salads are very popular in southern and eastern regions, as these countries are rich in healthy fruits almost all year round.

Multi-ingredient smoothies

This thickened drink is made mainly from fruits and vegetables with the addition of ice cubes, but there are other smoothie options using different products. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, smoothie provides a lot of energy in the form of easily digestible carbohydrates.

It has long been known that liquid nutrition accelerates metabolism to the maximum and promotes high-quality weight loss. There are a lot of smoothie options – here are some easy-to-make and healthy options:

  • oatmeal + milk + banana;
  • banana + strawberry + Greek yogurt;
  • banana + avocado;
  • carrot + orange + cream.
  • Boiled/poached eggs + vegetables

Protein plus fiber for breakfast is guaranteed to saturate the body with nutrients. Poached eggs have a creamy texture and are good for adding variety to breakfast menus. You can combine and cook eggs in various forms (boiled or poached), add vegetables and bread to them without fear of harming the figure.

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