How to Prepare for a Day at the Races


A day at the races is always an exciting affair. It’s a wonderful excuse to glam up and show off your superb sense of style. However, it’s also important to ensure that you opt for a look that lasts. There are photographers aplenty at the races these days, from professional snappers to everyone with a smartphone. As such, make sure that your look doesn’t fade throughout the day by sticking with these top prep tips.

Test your Shoes

Few days out present trickier shoe decisions than a day at the races. The ground can range from rock solid to somewhat marshy, depending on how much rain the previous few days have brought. If the weather has been beautifully dry, ultra-slim heels shouldn’t pose a problem. However, if the ground looks to be at all boggy then opt for something a little thicker to avoid sinking into the soft soil. Court shoes and kitten heels can both work well.

Remember that you’re going to be on your feet for much of the day so wear them in beforehand to ensure that you can last until sunset – and opt for subtle gel cushions if they start to prove uncomfortable. Slipping a couple of gel cushions into your purse regardless is always a safe option.

Solid foundations

When it comes to makeup, start as you mean to go on. Opt for a trustworthy foundation that will live up to its promise of staying put all day. You want your last photo of the day to be as fabulous as the first!

Use a water-based, hydrating eye-cream and dust a small amount of translucent powder on your eyes before applying mascara in the morning. Both of these will help to avoid the dreaded smudge as the day progresses.

And whether you’re a lipstick fan or prefer gloss, be sure to have a travel size tube in your purse for regular fixes throughout the day. A small hairbrush is also essential. After all, you need to look your best when those pro racing tips pay off and you find yourself celebrating with photographers all around!

Know your Nags

On the subject of winning, it’s important to include a quick study of the day’s form as part of your prep for a day at the races. Knowing a little about the day’s favorites is just as important as wearing the right hat if you plan to exhibit true panache.

Checking out tips online before you head to the races can also prove financially worthwhile, and there are plenty of websites that can give you that heads-up. For instance, The Winners Enclosure offers daily horse racing tips on meets as geographically diverse as Perth, Newton Abbot, and Listowel, while listing the most lucrative sign-up offers for newbies.

Practice your poses

Finally, be sure to practice a few poses in the mirror just before you head out the door. A day at the races is the perfect excuse to wear a stunning hat but you need to make sure that you angle your face right if you don’t want your face to be in shadow when you look back on all of the pictures from the day!