6 New Snow Skin Mooncakes To Try In Singapore

Asian culture expresses itself quite strongly in Singapore, and unsurprisingly, these Chinese delicacies have found their way to Singapore. The mooncake is a typical food that people enjoy during their mid-autumn holiday. While planning to visit Singapore, the Visa Express experts will definitely talk to you about the delectable cuisine, and they will certainly mention the Chinese delicacy: the snow skin mooncake. Below are the top places in this country which offer new versions of the snow skin mooncake.

The Fullerton Hotel

The snow skin mooncakes from this hotel are made of slated Hokkaido milk, and they go by the name Kopi. The taste of salt at the core and outer layer of coffee is good enough to deserve a place on this list. The very outer layer is citrusy yet lined with nuts. Another variation is the pandan coconut-baked mooncake which is inspired by the chiffon cake.

Goodwood park hotel

It is amazing that this hotel has just come up with new flavors of snow skin mooncakes for 2017. On top of the new flavors is the new bergamot which seems to have taken the preference of many people. Another is the prickly pear mooncake which is flavored with this cactus fruit as the core and has a pink flush as the skin. The last on their list of new options is the tangy apple cider snow skin mooncake. Ordering your favorite flavor is not only fast but is provided after a clear explanation of what to expect with each.

Crystal Jade

Here, you will get the Minnie Mouse collection of snow skin mooncakes. Otherwise, you could opt for the Whimsical Mickey which will also entice you to a variety of equally good mooncakes. What is unique about these snow skin mooncakes is that they come in very well-designed boxes. One of the other unique flavors to order, once you are here, is the Pandan lotus which is full of manuka honey flavor and a core made of raspberry.

Fairmont Singapore

This is one of the more popular joints for foreigners since it is an international chain. However, one of the things that should bring you here is their new flavor of chocolate and their connoisseurs. The Chinese chef in the establishment promises and guarantees satisfaction with the snow skin mooncakes they have introduced. The new variety has a chocolate and caramel flavor with pastel blue skin.

Marriot Tang plaza hotel

For people who do not get along well with much sugar, this is the best joint to visit. Their newly introduced snow skin mooncake varieties rely on natural flavors and less sugar to suit a vast range of preferences. According to the head chef of this Chinese restaurant, the new premium hazelnut and coconut flavor are trending this mid-Autumn. You can sample a box to enjoy thoroughly.

The Man Fu Yuan restaurant

One of the few restaurants in Singapore offering premium snow skin mooncakes is the Man Fu Yuan restaurant. Their new options include snow skin mooncake with a rose top and the rare filling of rosemary, red dates, green tea, and almonds. It is one of the options with the traditional Chinese fillings and is definitely worth a try while in Singapore.

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