How to Choose The Right Engagement Ring For Her

You have found the right girl, and you have decided to keep her, and finally make her your wife. But is it that easy? You will agree that the most difficult step is getting the right engagement ring you need to propose to her. The ring you choose dictate how much you value her, and in turn, will define how she will treat you back.

If you are among those who are finding it difficult to choose the best wedding ring (and that is why you are here), then this post is for you. We unveil the steps you should take and the things you need to look out for in a wedding ring for that important step in your relationship.

The Engagement Ring Buying Procedure

Before you run to the store and pay for the ring, you will ensure that you are going for the right thing.

With respect to this, you should take the preliminary steps to find out what suits your fiancée. Here is how to learn what is the right ring for her:

1. Make It a Surprise

Do not mention to her about your intentions to buy an engagement ring. That will spoil the sweetness embedded in the engagement itself. You should visit a jewelry shop and get the perfect ring when she is least expecting. Remember girls love surprises.

2. Carry Out a Research of What She Loves

Learning what your girl likes helps you to buy an engagement ring that is a perfect match for her. To carry out a survey on what she likes, you will need to look at her jewelry. What type of necklaces, watch, etc. does she wear? You will learn that there is a specific stone she loves most. Is it Diamond, Gold, or Silver?

To make a concrete decision on this, you should try to meet her often. Sometimes a surprise visit can give you a glimpse of what she wears when at home or workplace. However, this might not be a good way to define what your girl loves most. Taking her out can help you establish what she loves wearing around you. Make sure to plan the dates early enough for her to prepare herself as much as she can.

Another way to identify her taste is to take her to a jewelry store. Make sure you do not mention about the ring at whatever cost. You can pick her up in town and tell her that you want to get a watch or some shoes for yourself. In the store, you can walk around with her and see what type of jewelry she loves. You can identify both the material and the design that makes her happy.

3. Learn About Her Size

It can be easier to buy a ring for her, but at the end get it wrong. Imagine the embarrassment when you go to propose, and you find out that the ring does not fit her finger. You can, however, return the ring to re-adjust to the appropriate size. But that is another cost on top of an embarrassment. You want to be sure you know her size well before you storm the jewelry store for the engagement ring.

To learn about her size, you have to swipe one of her rings. But how do you do that without her noticing you? Remember, we want to surprise her. You can sneak and take one of her rings and take it to the jewelry store to find the exact match in size when buying the engagement ring. If you cannot lay your hands on her box, hire one of her closest friends, and ensure that they will not mention it.

Making a Perfect Choice for the Engagement Ring

Having passed the first test, it is now easier to get the right ring that will serve your purpose. To buy the ring, you will consider a few aspects. This step is, however, much easier than the first one.

Here are the things to do:

1. Decide on the Quality and Design

The quality of any piece of jewelry depends mostly on the metal they are made from. Platinum and Diamond are known to be durable materials for the rings. According to Jacob Mercari, to ensure a diamond is eco-friendly, one option is to get a Canadian certified diamond.

Silver and Gold are nice for the design that is attractive because they are soft and easier to work on. After you have studied your wife-to-be, you will have noticed if she likes the latest trends or the designs over durability. You can then make a perfect choice so that you do not make an offense on this critical step.

The quality of a ring material also depends on a few other aspects. For instance, the cut of the Diamond determines how the rings reflect on the various angles when you look at it. Perfectly cut rings will be shinier and glossier and will make your girl like them more.

2. Choose a Ring as Per Your Budget

You want to please your girl the most. But hold on. Your budget is important in that relationship. Buying expensive rings would not make a woman love you more, but doing the right thing to ensure that you can take good care of her after you say “I do.”

When you go to the shop, choose a wedding ring, you can afford and ensure that you do not go “broke” because of the engagement. If, for instance, you want to buy a Gold engagement ring for your girl, know that you can buy choose various types of Gold rings in the store. The Gold types are simply alloys. The less the amount of Gold, the more durable it will be. It will also save you some bucks.

The modern society is kinda cruel, and even some relationships turn out to be fake. Do not go buying an engagement ring before you are sure that this is the girl that you will marry. It could be a loss of money and self-esteem if she denies your proposal. Use all necessary ways you can to ascertain that you are going to invest the right girl.

Owing to the cost that comes with buying the engagement ring, it is ideal to get an insurance for it so that you do not lose everything in case anything goes wrong. You will have to ensure that your insurance company offers to include the valuables in the house so that you can register the ring as well. It is necessary to understand the terms that cover the ring as well.

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