High Heel Walk Classes

Yoga classes during which women are taught to walk on high heels correctly and beautifully are gaining increasing popularity.


How to learn to walk on high heels?

Yamuna Zeyk, 59 years old, works as a yoga instructor in New York. She launched special classes for women who preferred to walk on high heels. The distinguishing feature of this club is that the women use small balls – Zeyk’s special invention – during the 60-minute classes. These balls massage feet and help women to acquire the skill of even weight distribution while walking.

How is the class conducted

Pupils tend to bring to class their most uncomfortable high-heeled shoes to train painless gait most effectively. These lessons have become so popular that Zeyk conducts master classes even outside her homeland.

Health and wearing high heels

Yamuna Zeyk says most women are trying to give up heels after forty-five years. Meanwhile, in her respectable age, Zeyk continues to wear high heels because thanks to her gymnastics classes, her legs do not experience any significant overload.

A burning issue

So why do the doctors recommend against wearing high heels? I must say that the problem of pain, provoked by wearing high-heeled shoes, remains relevant. Individual females are trying to make a correction of their toes, and some have resorted to dermal fillers. The essence of the procedure is that collagen is injected in the feet to create the effect of an amortizing pad. Due to this effect, women can wear heels at least once or twice per week.

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